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Hello! ^_^ my name is Crystal. I'm 19 years old and i'm a natural redhead! and proud of it! (lots of redheads i know don't like their color for some reason XD but i do! ^_^) lol XD I've been drawing since i was little and still love it! I got into anime 4 years ago...i've only cosplayed
as edward elric, Ayame from Inuyasha, Lavi- D.Gray-Man and Rangiku Matsumoto so far and this coming year i plan to improve on my ed costume and automail and also make a cosplay costume of Kenshin or gaara possibly. Anywho, i'm not on this website a lot as some of u may have noticed ^^; sorry but i have tons of things to do ^^;

Oh, i would like to thank everyone for commenting on my artwork and faving it ^^ i really appreciate it a lot ^_^ i'm sorry i cannot individually thank each of u T.T