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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

   Happy 'Blah' Tuesday
Happy Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. The only day worse than Tuesdays are Wednesdays. But anyway, today was alright cause I had a sub in trig and band practice was cancelled. Not like you care...
So what's the deal in CA? Think they're going to elect AHNOLD as gov.? I mean, think about it, we could all wake up tommorrow and low and behold, THE TERMINATOR could be the governer. Now, looking at this from across the country, it looks extremely hilarious. However, if you're from CA (which I SERIOUSLY doubt) you're probably taking this super seriously. So, I hope you Californians elect yourselves someone capable.
I've neglected to mention anywhere that my favorite animal (with a PASSION) is the tiger( if you saw my room, you'd know). So, two tiger attacks in one week (sorry, Roy), is huge news, and I take it as a sign. MOTHER NATURE CAN'T BE PUT DOWN! That, and only crazy people try to keep a full grown tiger and allligator in a one-room apartment in Harlem. JEEZ, people. So anyways, hope your Tuesady's goin well. Tata!

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