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Monday, March 20, 2006

Haha, one good thing about Sundays...

I'm watching Adult Swim, and man, Robot Chicken was awesome tonight. The Yakuza Gang killed all of N*SYNC except Joey Fatone because they thought he was a roadie, and then he had to learn martial arts from the Karate Kid guy, Pat Morita, and then fight a comination monster of Brittany Spears, Chsirtina Agulera, Aviril Lavene, and the Simpson Sisters. GENIOUS. And Joey Fatone actually provided his own voice, too.

Pat Morita: "Ah, Ralph Macchio. I thought I smelled failure."

I also wanted to let you all know, I've been pretty good at working out for the past few weeks. I'm doing it like, 4 times a week. I'm also intimate friends with the Stair Master now. Well, only for 10 minutes a day, but it's something. I do other stuff too. The only thing set to foil my plan is Girl Scout Cookies. And the damn greasy food they have here. I think i've already done a segment on the food here, so I wont talk about that.

I also got two new Ultimate Spiderman volumes yesterday. Volumes 10 and 11, which were about how Spidey was pissed off about the movie they were making of him, including how he thought Tobey McGuire was wimp and Carnage, respectively. Ultimate Carnage was scary, but he was defeated pretty easily, I thought. Not without serious emotional turmoil though. he'll be back though. Can't keep a good genetic disgusting homicidal mutation down...

Does anyone on this site actually READ comics? You know, other than the Japanese ones THAT ARE TAKING UP ALL THE SHELF SPACE FROM THE AMERICAN GRAPHIC NOVLES IN MY FAVORITE BOOKSTORES? Heh, I read those too, though. But it seems unfair to poor Spidey, and the X-men, and Batman, and the Flash and Green Lantern...and everyone else in the Marvel and DC and Darkhorse and other comic company universes...

Carnage: "*Sigh* No one reads me anymore! Everything's being taken over by...Naruto!

Just on a little side note, I still love Japanese, un-cut Naruto, but I refuse to support it now because of the stupid press it's getting with all the teeny-boppers and stuff. Plus the GCN version of the game isn't anywhere NEAR as cool as the PS2 Japanese import. Sorry, but I'm saving up my bucks for LoZ:Twilight Princess.

Sorry, bad English dubs and a grand character selection of...EIGHT...can-NOT compete. I mean, come on, if you're going to make a fighting game, HAVE MORE THAN EIGHT PLAYERS. Even my SNES Ninja Turtles game had more than 8 players, Geez!

Anyways, didn't do anything today, except go to the store. Oh, and last night I died my hair red. Not like, CHERRY RAZZLE DAZZLE RED, but regular red-head red. So it looks...um, more naturally, I suppose. Anyways, I'm off to bed. I need monday to plan out my schedual for next semester. We have to Effin pick all our classes this week. Stupid. I need some frikin down time!!!

Anyways, hope you all have a great Monday.

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