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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well, the anime club had our third marathon of the year today. We watched some pretty cool stuff and some pretty...well, weird stuff. I'm just gonna give you little blurbs and my opinions on them, but we're gonna do this the Red Tigress way, so I'll also give you a bishounen factor score, just in case you decide animes you watch by the hot guy factor.

First off, I forced everyone to watch 5 episodes of Get Backers, because I just love it to death. Enough said. If you're into action-y, funny, cute, and serious anime, you'll like this. Oh, and there's lots of hot bishounen to choose as your favorite character. Bishounen factor: 5 Out of 5.

That guy with the long hair in the back there is a guy too, just in case you're one of those gals (or...guys, I guess) that like their bishounen...pretty.

Next up, we watched Kino's Journey. This was a nice anime that was more philosophical than anything else. Not really any guys at all in it (the main chaacter is a girl and her talking motercylce, which was just cool), so bishounen factor was a 1 out of 5. But don't let that stop you from seeing it if you get a chance!

See, she even brings the bike indoors to talk to people with her!

Next up was Yakitate Japan!! What can I say? This series basically parodies all other anime ever with a boy who wants to make a "Japan" bread that's better than rice. Soooo funny. I especially love all anime with guys with afros. And a crazy sister that pretty much parodies any motercycle anime ever made. And an evil, arch villian that threatens to make all his subordinates his lovers for their incompetance. since this was more hilarious than anything, the bishounen factor is only a 3 out of 5. But it's just hilarious.

Check out that 'fro!

We then watched Steamboy. A nice, punk steam movie where the first 20 minutes were action packed, which is a shame, cause the rest of us felt like the movie let us down. It was kind of boring, and no one really understood what was going on except that a "Steam ball" (yes, they actually called it that) was really important. There were also mean little girls hitting dogs, and no one could really tell who was the bad guy. Oh, and we had to endure Steamboy's 90 year old grand dad walking around half naked for the good last 50 minutes of the movie.Bishounen factor:0 out of 5.

Oh, steamboy, you didn't even do your cool little flying thingy until the last 20 minutes. How dissapointing.

Next, we had to watch probably one of the freakiest animes I've ever seen. It was called Monster, and it was about a Japanese doctor working in a German hospital at the height of the cold war into 1995 or so. First off. I don't like seeing mean, ugly, German people, and that's what this was. If you weren't the ONE Japanese guy, or a nurse, you were basically fugly in this anime. Plotwise, this was so intricate, with all these really scar characters (little homicidal 9 year olds and freaky little girls that run around the hospital whispering "please kill"). Great mind bending anime, but visually, not much to look at. Bishounen Factor: 3 out of 5.

Parts of this were also just scary, I needed something stupid and happy, with lots of explosions...

...Which is why after that we watched Nadesico, which was a hilarious parody anime that parodied all those mecha things ( the pilots would yell phrases from their favorite mecha anime) and the characters had lots of weird little complexes, like the one guy who wanted to put stickers on his mecha, or the main character that just wants to be the cook. Very humerous, and it was just the kind of upbeat thing I needed to finish off the night. I think I related most to the girl pilot that would say something serious, than crack up, or add "In a boiling pot...BWAHAHA!" after everything the two other pilots said. Since it's a bit older though, some of the guys aren't as hot as they could be. Bishounen factor: 3 out of 5, but defiently worth seeing anyways.

The captain always went "V!" and the others would be like "...eh?" Not to mention her dad loved her a bit...too much. Kind of like Hughes in FMA if Elysia-chan was older. One time he walked in on her changing and blushed and said "my, how my little girl has grown!!!"

Anyways, hope you liked my litter splurb, and that it maybe gives you some ideas for anime to look into in the future! I've already started by stealing the entire series of Yakitate Japan from someone, so I'll basically be watching that whole thing over Thanksgiving Break. Hope everyone has a great sunday, and I hope you all enjoy FOOTBALL, CAUSE REDSKINS ARE GONNA KICK SOME TAIL!!!

Oh, and I forgot who said it, but yes, Nick does look like a 70's porn star on CSI now, and that comment basically made my night.


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