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Hey, I'm Natasha...I'm really crazy and random and I'm utterly obsessed with anime. So anyways I love Roy Mustang,he is amazing and I wanna marry him. :D Yeah so welcome to my site/Mustang shrine! Comments would be much appreciated, that they would! ^__^
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   Picture time!!!
Wow...thank God for summer. ^_^ Anyways.. FANIME 2006 baby!!! So much fun...I cosplayed as Yuna in her gunner outfit, my sister cosplayed as Koga (koga is HOTT, if you'd like to check out her page) and my very good friend Sabrina cosplayed as Kenshin. n_n Unfortunately Heather and Elaine couldn't come w/ us, but I did go w/ them to an anime expo back in April, so I've got the link to those pics too. Heather cosplayed as Yuna songstress. n_n So check it out, lovers.

Fanime 2006 Pics

Manga, Art and Graphic Novel Expo 2006 PIcs

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