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Welcome to RealFuckinAnime. This is a place for real anime fans to gather. We like real anime. No InuYasha or any of that crap on Adult Swim. Although they have had awesome anime, yet they ruin it. We also talk about music. J-rock, metal, any Indies band. So, please if you like crappy anime and crappy music this isn't for you. Hey, everyone can have their own opinions about what they like. You'll just be laughed at.

Sign the guestbook, add us, and grab a banner and show your love for real anime!

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lemoned lolita


Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Questions, questions...
For those of you who haven't figured this out..it's not a blog..it's a club...people sign the GB and say "hope we can become freind!" But well...ermmmm.
If you are intrested in becomeing freinds...you should come to our sites. Mine (Purgatory), lemonedlolita, and BlackNovas. The graphics for this was made soley by lemonedlolita, so as always: "Hats off to you sexxy!"
So, whats everyones favorite animes? Jrock groups? Anime you'd like to see reviewd? Hentai?????? Should it be allwoed or not on this site?
How long have you been an otaku for?
Why did you become an Otaku?
Awnswers to these questions would be nice.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

   One of Mods has dissapeared.....
All right...I know I said that I'd get this underway soon....but one of mods has completely and utterly dissapeared. His name is BlackNova...and he hasn't been here and his phone is cut off...so I don't know what has happened. I've been trying to find him for forever, but have had no luck. Thanks to lemonedlolita for all the hardwork...AND I PROMISE THERE WILL BE A POST OF RELEVANCE TO THE SITES CONTENT SOON AS MONDAY OR TUESDAY...school work has been swamping me....
Purgatory aka Kitten

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Haro! 'Tis one of your mods, kei. :3 Just to announce that banners are now up! Yay! Mostly J-rock ones though. XD; I'll get more anime ones done soon.

I also to the liberty to give this place a new layout. I hope you guys don't mind.

'Tis all for now. Next time I update I'll come with some info on J-rock. See ya!


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

First real post comeing soon!!!!
First anime review...Crying Freeman!! ^^ Comeing soon.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm hopeing that Kei-chan (lemoned lolita) can help with makeing banners and...we need an avitar...but of what? Blacknova and i have basically decided the first band that shall be covered is Demons and Wizards, but what do you guys have to say about that? Also we need to decide a good anime..And I'll put all anime metioned onto the favorite anime list. I figured since this was a joint effort I just couldn't hog the list all to myself. I just hope this will be a great sucess! ^~ Now all we need is more members and all will be well...besides..we also need to take turns writting the reviews...And I also need someone to give my photobucket account to, so we can get pics up...(I can't get on photobucket at school ;___;) And I'll also give all who wants to contribute the site password...
So thats all for now..
w00t, yeah motherfuckers!

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