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Saturday, December 6, 2008

   December Post
Wow, it's already the month of December, huh... Where does the time go? But at least it'll be 2009 soon, and that means DaFeather-san will be back! So that's good.

On another note, this weekend will be a drag for me. I guess I caught a virus at school, so now I'm sick. I have a bad headache but I want to be on the computer because otherwise I'll be bored out of my mind; literally. So obviously I didn't go to school on Friday. I mostly just slept.

I did however try playing my guitar a little today, trying to reteach myself some chords. I got D, G, and Am7 down. I was pretty bored, though.

Um... I've been trying to make a manga for a story I've written called Tales of Three Worlds. If you're interested, I've been posting it on one of my worlds, My Writer's Cafe. So just please go check out my portfolio if you want. I'm not sure how to make a manga, so tips are appreciated. I may have to look on the Internet about it...

Hm. School's been keeping me busy, with projects and all. And the holidays, too. Like I got my sister this Twilight poster thinking she'd love it, and when I got it home my other sister said that it was of Jacob, and she does NOT like him. So now I have to return it and exchange it... Just when I think I can do something right, it blows up in my face. I even paid it with my own money! I hate buying posters... It's hard to tell what they are.

In school I'm learning a lot about Photoshop and such. Except for I'm having trouble with one thing. Is there a way to get rid of the background of a character in Photoshop? I'd make better wallpapers if I knew how to do that. I know a way on Illustrator, but I'd like to know how on Photoshop.

Oh! And I'm so excited because I'm finally a Senior Otaku! Yay! I've been here for a whole year, and what a great year has been. *smiles* Thanks for being great friends, everyone!

Well, see you all later! Take care, and have an awesome day!

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