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Sunday, November 2, 2008

   Have A Happy Halloween?
Well, I guess I did. It was okay. With CYO (a church club) I helped in a haunted house. I have been for about three years, and this year my room wasn't all that scary. I think it was because I didn't have as much enthusiasm as I have in the past for Halloween. I guess I've just calmed down about it a lot now that I know what it stands for. The only thing about Halloween I don't like is that it's the one time I'm extremely paranoid... Like I keep turning around because I think someone might be there, only to find empty shadows... *sigh*

Well, everything is fine here now. My cousins are still and forever will be rude and disregarding... Hm. On Friday though we didn't have school because of Halloween! That was good. I got a day off, at least. And my mom and I went to town to look for a costume for me. We were somewhat successful. Then after that we ordered a pizza for lunch and went to Blockbuster. And guess what I got?! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! I didn't know they had a DVD for it out there, but I should have guessed. So I rented it for the week. I've watched the first disc so far. Yeah, it comes with 2! And special features... *Is now obsessing over Cloud*

Saturday was the haunted house, dance, and costume party. I wasn't there for the dance, because I had to work in the haunted house. And my partner for decorating my room was one of my cousins... That was a mistake. For the whole week we worked on it, he was never there once! *sighs* I practically did it all by myself, so I'm making him clean it up by himself. Like I've said before, if he doesn't like my wrath, he shouldn't provoke it!

Today I just went to church and had lunch and am now here! So here's my post update for the weekend. How was all of your weekends? Good, I hope. Well, I think I should be off now... Talk to you all later, okay?

Razi-chan over and out. ^^"

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