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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey everyone! Well my weekend went by fast. It always does. But I don't think I posted last week so I will now. On Friday was another football game and I had to work in the concession stand for several hours. Let me tell you, I've never poured that much hot chocolate in my life. It was really cold, and everyone wanted it. So I poured like 100 cups of hot chocolate in one night for about 4 hours. And my shoulders hurt really bad from doing that and a number of other things. We won of course, like 50 something to 21. It was a good game, I guess. By 2nd quarter it was no contest.

Saturday I just went to church and came home and played Tales of Symphonia with my sisters. On Sunday I had a CYO meeting. Now we're decorating the old wine cellar for a haunted house. ^^ Hehe. It'll be great. It's the perfect setting for a haunted house. We always have to clean up though, and it's a little moldy-smelling, but we always scare the crap out of everyone! It's hilarious.

Well, yesterday was your normal Monday. Pretty slow, the start of the week. Nothing much happened, at least I can't remember it... Hm. But today some kid punched another kid's nose and probably broke it. I saw the evidence where the fight took place... a bit of blood was even left on the floor. And one of my friends saw him going to the office on her way to class this morning. *sigh* the kid had it coming to him, I'm sorry to say. I mean he's always picking fights with older kids and younger kids alike, and he's only in what, 7th grade I think? Well yeah... So that was the buzz around today.

Oh! I do remember yesterday... one of my sister"s friends hit her head really hard at CYO when we were decorating for the haunted house. They found these tall round cage things, and she thought it would be funny to put them over herself. And then she kind of ran a few times. The room they were in had a really low ceiling with a low arch way, and she hit it with the cage thing and bounced back. It was really funny, until my idiot cousin came. She ran towards him and held his hands out to stop her so she wouldn't run into him, and then she bounced off him backwards and hit the cold hard cement... really really hard. It looked painful. She almost passed out but held through when an adult came and helped her out of the cage thing. Oh, and mind you, my cousin was her ex-boyfriend. That stupid kid... Anyway It turns out she had a minor concussion and didn't go to school yesterday because she was in the hospital, but she's okay now. It was kind of scary because she couldn't remember how she got there or even if she got dressed that morning. O_O Well, she's okay now, so everything is good, and she came to school today.

Today was a teacher's meeting, too. So we had to wait extra long before the bell rang... Which was stupid because when those kids fought, there were no teachers around! I think someone went and got a teacher or someone from the office, thankfully. *sigh*

Another thing... I've had this one song stuck in my head all day. I haven't even heard it in a long time, though. It's the ending song from Spiral, Cocktail by Hysterical Blue.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope everyone has had a good week so far. ^^"

Razi-chan over and out.

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