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Monday, October 20, 2008

   Rantings.... beware.
Well guys, today was just... I'll explain. First, since it was a Monday, I wasn't going to take it for granted that it would be a good day. Surprisingly enough, it started out good. But then it suddenly went downhill after Graphic Arts class.

For one, I missed the buss AGAIN! Ugh. This time it was because one of my friends had to go use the bathroom so we left late, and when we got back to school the buses were just pulling out of the driveway. I was so close yet so far! I even jogged through the front of the school to the back to get there on time, but no... I got left. So I went to the office and they told them I missed the bus. The office was kind enough to call the bus driver and see if he was out of town yet and if he could come back, and thankfully he was able to come back without wasting more time. *sigh* If this happens again I'll go nuts. I even had my adrenaline pumping from running because I thought I was going to have to chase the bus down but it was too late. So my body prepared me for nothing! Not to mention I was all out of breath.

*sigh* sorry about that rant. I don't mean it, I just had to get that out of my system. I might go depressed... speaking of depressed, you don't think my new layout is depressing, do you? I mean it's October and almost Halloween, so I decided to change it when I found that pretty wallpaper. ^^

Anyways other than missing the bus, my day went smooth, except for that. And I got most of my music back on iTunes, because it was all kicked off for some dumb reason. Only I can't find my music from the iTunes Store... or my Anime Pulse podcasts! That's the main reason why I'm mad about it...

Also Wednesday is my 17th birthday. Ugh... I feel old now. And it's worse because I have math with a bunch of dim-witted 8th graders because I didn't take Pre-algebra last year and the math credits changed and screwed over my class of 2010.

Oh and my cousins don't know not to take things that don't belong to them. Can anyone help me? I'm trying to think of a way to teach those neanderthals a lesson. One of them still has my Coldplay CD, because his brother asked me if he could borrow it, but then his little bro took it without permission! So he stole from not only one, but two people! WITHOUT ASKING! It pisses me off. (O_O I've never said that word on here; sorry). Any suggestions? There's four of those neanderthals, and they just take what they please. To make it worse they live next door! Ugh. Also my cousin who has my CD keeps on forgetting it in the band room at school. So tomorrow I'm going to go and get whether he likes it or not! If he doesn't like my wrath of anger then he shouldn't steal from me!

*screams into a pillow* I've been doing that lately on here, haven't I? I'm sorry... hopefully I'll be in a good mood on Wednesday... Because I'll have to see my family then... *shivers* At least I'll get money or presents. ^^ Hopefully.

Enough about me and my ranting-I'm tired of doing it now. I'm sorry for treating you all as my scapegoats:( How is everyone else? And how was your weekends? I can't seem to remember much of mine... Nothing really happened.

Well, that's enough posting for me. Razing Phoenix over and out! Ttyl, ttfn, and all those lovely temporary goodbyes.

~Razi-chan ^^"

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