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Saturday, October 4, 2008

   Hello everyone!
Ugh... so... hungry... *shakes head*

Man I need to get something to eat... Oh! Sorry about that. The reason I wanted to post isn't really a reason. Mostly I am just bored. My mom and dad went to do something on the farm (I live on one, yes; a dairy farm, to be precise). Anyways, I am so excited too because Tales of the Abyss anime is being aired in Japan! Aw, I can't wait to see it when it gets dubbed or subbed or whatever.

I was reading the manga during the summer and tired to get my cousin to finally beat the game at his house, but he never did... T_T He said he was mad and didn't want to deal with Van or the Six God Generals because he said they kept on popping up everywhere after he killed them. *sigh* Silly cuz.

I was browsing Photobucket for a new wallpaper and found this pic instead.

I thought it was quite humorous and decided to share it with you guys. I love how Jade's on the top like that. *snickers* "Oh!" So funny. Poor Guy, though. Asch... ha ha. What do you all think?

Nothing much is going on now except for school and awful homework. Ah yes, since it is Saturday, my sisters and I had to help mom clean the house. We do almost every Saturday... Unless we go somewhere to like a friend's house or something. *sigh* And I don't even want to go down that lane.

I did get to watch some cartoons though! Sonic and Chaotic. I actually like watching that Chaotic show. At first I thought it was just incredibly stupid, but it's fun to watch. *nods*

I wonder what's in the fridge... hm. Whoa! It's already almost 7:30?! Oh where does the time go? *sigh* I hope I have some time to get a pic I drew scanned... It'll be a character from the story I have posted for Tales of Three Worlds. I hope you all will get to see him! Tee hee!

Well I'd better stop here before I get lightheaded.

~Ttyl! Razi-chan^^"

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