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Welcome to my little world of shadows and mystery. Do stay a while and dream a little of things to come, things past, or things of now. Life is short and always full of surprises and fear.... Enjoy your stay here in the Realm of Shadows and Nightmares....

"Leave me alone to cry my tears.... Leave me alone to sit here by myself.... Leave me here to figure out what to do... Leave me alone to cry...."


Monday, July 31, 2006

My Heart Hurts....
For those that are wondering:
No, I do not actually have that vid. Lol, I was saying I could make it for Kitten to cheer her up. *Shrugs* I think it'd be funny, cause all the guys that would be in said film/vid-thingy are assholes...

*sighs* Kitten's better, and now I'm the one in need of help. I'm not so happy at the moment, but I'm trying not to be depressed.
I was the only female working tonight, and I'm a bit irked... the guys were evil jerks, and a few that used to work with me came in and harrassed (with words) me... *shrugs* I just bitched, got angry, and walked off. Said jerks followed... wasn't fun.
I took Kitty out for the day, Belle Cher was in town... the BIGGEST MOST KEWL-est music festival in all of Asheville, NC, lol. I got chocolate, a new Egyptian Ankh necklace, and I got a few things for Todd and all. I won Kitten a green teddy bear, and she loved it. I bought her a ring, and took her out to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom (excellent Pizza! ^^)...and we walked around and had fun, lol. (<< Neway... Todd's different, and I'm sad. I don't want him to change... I liked his personality and all. *shrugs* But neway... it seems I cannot seem to find happiness....
My heart hurts, and it's telling me it doesn't want to hurt anymore. *shrugs* I cannot do anything for it, but I can try... as hard as it is to do anymore.... Anyway... sorry for the trouble... have fun, guys.
*hugs all*


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