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WARNING: This site is usually inactive
Rath demondude died last March. So don't just sign the guestbook asking for him to visit you. He's gone

Please visit the site dedicated to Rath Demondude (Nick Raisey)
The Guild
We've brought his vision to life. Please respect it.
Thank you.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Last Post:
This is Eula giffon. Stacy, Rath's unoficial guardian is missing, so I took over for this task.

I am here to reinform you that Rath is gone, and all those visiting this site for the first time: He can't come visit your sites. He's gone. So don't sign the guestbook and just add him as a friend. Think first.

Okay. Now is when I tell you quickly about a site that EKG72 and myself have made for the memory of Rath. You can visit it at The Guild

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