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Friday, January 25, 2008

To those who seek death.
I call to you, in your time of need, for one purpose. Why? Simple, I can give you something far better than death. I can show you how your sorrow, and despair, can be turned into beutiful sadism and hatred. Together, through the great swarm of Malice, we can BE death, we can be the end. So I ask you, instead of death, join me, and become something far greater than worm fodder.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My my, Call the Doctor.
"Come on in, and have a seat. What troubles you today my child? My word, you look so alive, whyever are you here?"

"I'm here to see the good doctor, for i feel as though I'm ailed. It seems I have this wrenching feeling in my chest, I've no idea why it is there, I was hoping the good doctor could aid me."

"Oh, Indeed? Then go right in, the doctor knows just what to do."

"Now my child, I know what's wrong, you need not say a word. Come here, and I shall stop the pain for the rest of time."

"Indeed? Why thank you doctor, I am forever in your debt, If there is anything i can do for you..."

"There is naught you can do, not now not ever. Pain ends only with death my child, and that is what I grant. Death is the only medicine for ailments of this life, simply because the pain is gone and can never return. Please, enjoy your slumber and never wake again. Pain no more, eternal bliss is yours to claim my friend. I however must remain, to grant this blessing to all. Then my time shall come as well, and i can claim the heavens."

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