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What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too. A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it..
~Andy Warhol

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lore here, just randomly updating.
Nothing going on around here, just enjoying the snowday off from school.
Right now, it's about a foot and a half deep. Jack, Kori, and I are going up the hill after the fog clears around here and sled for a while (Jack's taking his snowboard up there...Not the best idea since most of it is ice, not snow...)

Well, I'm off to do the math homework I negleted to do last night, then freeze my butt off in the snow!


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lore here*shock*
So..How was everyone's Jesusmas?

Mine was decent. I went over to Steph's (or Noodle, as I now call her(she was eating a Ramen cup thingy, sneezed, and noodles came out of her nose..)) house with my parents and grandparents. We had a HUGE snow fight, watched Cars(the movie) and the Seahawks game, and ate about a million tons of food.

I got some pretty cool stuff, too( cause what else is Jesusmas good for?)
Let's see
I got Pirates 2(I LOVE YOU JOHNNY *licks DVD case*)
Um, a new Zen Vision M (like an iPod Video but cheaper and way better)
Final Fantasy III for DS
Um, some accesories for the MP3 player(wall charger, case, etc..)
And a Toys 'R Us Gift card (every year for Jesusmas, 'Noodle' and I get eachother a gift card from there, then buy usless items our parents do not approve of...)

Yea, stoopid Noodle got Final Fantasy XII(which I even HIGHLIGHTED on my list!!) a giant XPlod sterio system, a bunch of Dandy Warhol merchandise(shirts, pins, posters, etc..)about $200 spending money, (she says that she's gonna buy a Wii...Stupid loser..) and about a billion other little things..

Oh well, there's always next year..

Well, hope you all had awesome Jesusmases, and happy New Year!


PS:I didn't do the whole 'Andy Warhol quote thing' and the 'post song' cause I'm just too damn lazy...

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Friday, December 22, 2006


An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have but that he, for some reason, thinks it would be a good idea to give them~Andy Warhol

Well, here it is: The new site from the makers of Death By Sexy and Blue Fish Sky(unfortunately..)
BTW, I stole the whole "song for every post" thing from some random person...Don't sue, I have nothing!!!
...The Andy Warhol thing is my idea though..So was the layout, the avii, and pretty much the idea for this whole thing..Lore sucks...

Anywho, hope you like the new site!!
Oh yea, I'm(Death By Sexy) probably gonna be the one on the most..Like I said, Lore sucks...

Well, that's it for our first grand post(which no one will read)

Laterz, and Merry Jesusmas!!

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