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Hey, my name is Randi and I am a girl. I am 16. I love to draw and I hope some day to go some where with drawing and maybe wirte a book. well I hope you like my drawings!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

HELLO! Hi everyone so so sorry for taking sooo long! My computer broke down and so now it does not work and that is why i havent been able to update! soo I am so sorry for that!

Well i have braces and i hate them with a passion! I also got my hair done its really long now! I am sick once again witha throught and cold infection! Which isn't too pleasent! I am also in grade 12 now. Its alright but i have so many classes and there all academic courses and no option classes which also suck! But so far the work hasn't been too hard but math is extremly boring!!!!

During my summer i went to Wisconsin Dells and i went to this resort/water park/theme park and it was so fun! but I was there for too long i was in the states for like 10 days and it was a 13 hour ride there and back so it was pretty tireing drive plus my family drove me crazy!
Omg i forgot my bathing suit at home and my mom got so mad because she had to but me a new bathing suit and she had to spend $70 american on her visa. yes she wasnt too happy with that! I also spent alot of time at the cottage which was very boring because only old people live there and the population is 4! no joke!

well that is pretty much all i did. Tomorrow i have to get my braces tightened for the first time since i got them on so i am not looking forward to that! I am already limmited to the foods i can eat cuz my throught hurts so much so now i wont be able to eat anything i have to chew so lucky me!

Well i guess thats it for now and sorry for taking so long to update and i promiss to try and update about myself more often! thnx for signing the GB! bye for now ^_^

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HEY! well i would first like to say im sorry for taking so long to add another post! There is something wrong with my computer and it will not work so I am here at my cousins adding another post!

well nothing much has happened except that i got braces! yah it didnt hurt getting them on but it hurt a few hours later, and i mean alot!!!! I couldn't eat anything solid for a week all i was able to eat was mashed potatoes and icecream! yah no joke! Also i'm like an ice cream feen and i never thought i could hate icecream so much! Yah sadly i no longer enjoy the refreshing bowl of icecream on a hot summers day. i guess im just going to have to find somethng else. Maybe i could have a slurpee, or maybe an ice cap from tim hortons, sorry im starting to ramble on here. Okay so any ways, my braces don't hurt as much, but my cheecks are all filled with cuts and now it just hurts to eat anything salty. lol i guess that is some what of an improvement.

Well i was wondering if any of you wanted me to post another part of my story, if you do tell me and i will get on that! Oh yah if u have any sugestions on what i can eat that isnt salty or has to do with ice cream that i can eat that would be very very very helpful! I think i am starting to get sick of noodles and soup but i guess that just makes it harder! okay sorry again for rambling but yes thank you to all who have stopped by to check out my site and thank you to all who have signed my guess book! Keep signing and keep vissiting! THanks again!

Bye byes for now!

ps. sorry if takes me a long time again to get back on here im trying to get someone to fix my computer! well i will try as much as possible to get on here!

cya around!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Hey everyone, sorry it took me so long to add another post but its been really hectic with exams and stuff, i know sum of u thought i was dead and sorry for that i was just really busy but now im back!^_^ well I was wondering if anyone wanted me to post another chapter of my story on here well if u do or dont just tell me! Well i dunno about u but my weekend was pretty boring! I had to go to the cottage with my family and my cottage is in the middle of no where litterly the poppulation is four! So yah and the people out there are in their 70's and up! no joke so its pretty boring! hmmm... oh yah if u were wondering where all the other parts of my storie is it is in the archives. well thats pretty much all there is oh yah im getting braces in like a week and im pretty scared! well thats all and feel free to private message me anytime ^_^ bye byes
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HEY! I am soo sleepy right now! My sleep pattern is still way messed up from the weekend! well what can u do, any ways if anyone was wondering where the rest om y story was it's in the archives so if u wanna check that out u can. I also have other fruits basket wallpaperers in the archives so if u just scroll down u will see where it say archive and u can click on it and then you see all the many different pages. Well i guess thats all for me nothing new happend today, the most exciting thing that happend was haveing an early dimissal! yah high school is pretty boring and makes me more sleepy then i would be if i didnt have school! but yah thats about it so cya guys around bye byes!
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Aww this is a good video of Tohru and Kyo! And NO i did not make the video!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey everyone! whats up? i guess i havent made an updateabout my life in a while lol! well my life isnt that interesting at the moment. I had a fun long weekend, i wish it was longer though! well how did your long weekends go? hmmm.... well oh yah i got my hair died and cut, it's pretty much the same except now i have bangs. oh yah and the bigest new thing is that i am going to euroope next year and i am pretty excited about that, now i just really need to find a job! well thats about it cya guy's around bye byes!
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