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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/20/05:

You are Yuu. You are totally cute but very
mysterious. You don't show your feeling easily
but when you do you are very deep and sincere.

Which Marmalade Boy Character are you? (with pics)
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Result Posted on 11/16/05:
I really like the pictures that come with the quiz!

You are Peppermint Fairy! Your like Spearmint fairy, but much nicer and go
with the crowd type. You tend to lose yourself
in other people, but you should remember that
you shouldn't change to please your friends, be

Which Candy Fairy are you?
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Result Posted on 10/20/05:

Tomboy Neko
You are the Tomboy Neko!

What kind of Anime Neko are you? (Girls only, great pics!)
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Result Posted on 06/07/05:

Random Comic Generator v2.0 by Delya
Paper or plastic?
panel 1
panel 2
panel 3
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 06/04/05:

You are Haku! You are Bi-Polar but very loyal. You
like to help others, but at the cost of your

What Spirited Away character are you? (With Pictures!)
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Result Posted on 06/04/05:

Beat x Ricercare from Gin no Yuusha (Silver Hero).

What Hinted Shounen-ai (Yaoi) Couple Is Your Cup of Tea?
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Result Posted on 06/04/05:

Vegeta X Goku is my perfect DBZ Yaoi pairing!
Another Vegeta/Goku fan. You're drawn by their
battle for dominance, their passion and desire,
and the fact that they're two sides of the same
coin. Have fun with that.

Who is your perfect Dragonball Z Yaoi pairing?
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Result Posted on 06/04/05:

your vegeta
your vegeta father of trunks, and prince of all
saiyans. you have a hot head and you really
dont like goku. you act tough on the outside
but deep down you care alot but your friends

.::=what dragonball Z Saiyan are you??=::.
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Result Posted on 06/03/05:

In your eyes, people can't seem to see anything
because your eyes are covered up by tears! You
are constantly hurt and depressed... No one
seems to understand how you feel because
everyone is scared to get close to you... You
long to be able to reach out and tell someone
everything, and all of your problems... But you
have no one to tell, or they just don't seem to
want to hear what you have to say. You've been
hurt many times that you don't seem to have any
tears left to shed, or if you do, they're an
endless river flowing... You've started to hide
and bottle up all or your problems and
feelings, hoping that maybe they just will go
away... You want company, but at the same time,
you're scared of it. Your sanctuary is your
room where you can just be alone and try to
throw away all of your aching pains. You're
dark and mysterious and people like you for
that reason. Even if you think you're all by
yourself in the dark, someone is always there
with you. Your special someone wants to admit
and show their feelings towards you, but
they're afraid of how you'll take it. Get out
more and enjoy life because, it is far too long
to frown your way through :)

What Lies Behind Your Eyes?
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Result Posted on 05/31/05:

What horrific, murdering creature are you?
Good or Evil
Favourite phrase
You are a Werewolf
Number of people you have murdered 1444
You kill because That's what you were born to do
You kill with your Fangs
What others think of you You're insane
This Quiz by halfbeast - Taken 1280 Times.
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