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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Man it was crazy when the XBOX 360 was released. At Toys “R” Us where I work we only had four of the XBOX 360s and they were reserved for fifty dollars pretty fast, and we got about fifteen of the Core systems in. The night before they were released we had people constantly calling asking how many of the XBOX 360s we were going to have for sale the following day. People were coming into our store (Which is located across the street from Circuit City) too by chairs and snacks because they were already starting a line outside Circuit City to buy the XBOX 360s the next day. And by the time I got off of work there were even some people forming a line outside our door waiting for the XBOX 360s. So now that every store is pretty much sold out we have tons of people coming into Toys “R” Us wanting to buy them for Christmas presents but we have no idea when we will be receiving anymore. Our manger said they expect us to get some more in, in January, but I’ve heard from employees at Wal-Mart that they will probably release some more right before Christmas. That will cause chaos. I too really want one, but I’m more interested in the PlayStation 3.

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