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Hi everyone thought i would change my profile, as you know my name is Rainbow Unicorn, but if you like to call me short you might as well cal me Louise. im into Xena, Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, and many other things, im a good person to tlk to, so if you need anything you know where i am.
l8er ^-^x.
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   hi guys
well im bk at school, starting my A levels and already it has started to get hard, i hope i can do it.
hope you all have bin ok? ^-^ i am missing my best friend like mad she dosn't go to school anymore she is just started collage and its so quite wivout her, i wish she was still here, but i have met some of my old friends since i have cum bk to school i never i thought i wud miss them so bad, we picked are year book up 2day there is lodes of pics where i don't know when ppl had taken them and all the pics of me is so horrible i have funny faces in them all.
anyway i hope if you have gone bk to school you have enjoyed it so far, and i hope you take care.
take care kisses to you all ^-^xxxxxxx.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

hi guys
well i got my exam results and i am so happy wiv wat i got, sort of.
i have got 5C's 4E's and 1F and 1G, i know the last 2 arent as gd as the first, but the best bit is that i was the highest in drama for the preformance i was the only one thati had got a high mark i was so shocked my face dropped, and i said to miss hoyle "you sure you mean me?" and she said bk to me "yep you was the only one wiv an high mark" i honestly thought i wud get lower then everyone else but i diddn't i got the highest, ^-^ im so happy,
but the other C i had got wat i was determined to get was in english you see my other teacher mrs betteridge she wanted me to get an C and i said to her "i promise i will get that C wat you want me to get" and guess wat i had got that C. ^-^
but i had to ask mrs wood to open the letter before i got it coz i just couldn't i was just to scared, she opened it and told me wat i got and i just started to cry i was just so happy, coz in the past 3 years i have bin hert, moved around every where, i lost everything, i found out my mum didn't want me and things like that, but i honestly thought i wud get an horrible exam marks but yes i got some E's but most of all i got 5C's and to me thats gr8, especially in my drama, and i hope you all agree.
anyway enough of me, i just want to say i hope you all have a gr8 wkend wen it cums and i hope that snow drop and many others who get there exam results get wat the wanted and congratulations to them all, all i have to say as long as you have tryed that is all wat matters, you all take care.
kisses to you all ^-^xxxxxx, IM SO HAPPY ^-^

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