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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   What a day! XD
Hop! Step! Jump!



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Photobucket I woke up to the smoke alarm in the living room going off. >.< Being half asleep, I started bashing my alarm clock wondering why it wouldn't shut up. ^^' I heard my parents yelling about something and then mum came to yell at me to wake up. My dad was up on the ladder trying to take the alarm off the ceiling, while my mum was using a pillow as a fan to clear the air (apparently). I told him to push the button. It stopped that annoying beeping, but started again 5 minutes later. Don't worry though, it was just malfunctioning. Anyway, I took the 2 alarms off and deactivated them with a screwdriver. X3 We'll hopefully have it repaired or something soon.

Photobucket Then when I was in the shower, my mum walked in rambling something about a spider. >.< So I had to get out really quickly and kill a giant spider out in the yard... Dad didn't kill it coz he was scared... *mumbles* Oh! It wasn't one of Dranzer's spiders. I know coz I asked it before I killed it. ^.~

Photobucket Mum and I went shopping after that. I bought a pair of roller shoes! XD I was going to use it as part of my Ringo Noyamano (Air Gear) cosplay... It's two sizes too big, but it's better than way coz it's comfortable to walk in. The sole's really stiff, so if it was my size, I won't be able to walk in it. ^^"

Photobucket Then we went to buy fabrics for my Sakura (Naruto Shippuuden) cosplay. XD It was really fun! I love shopping for fabrics. There's so many to choose from. XD I was running around through the aisles, so mum lost sight of me for a good 10 minutes. X3 I couldn't get everything I need though, since the store didn't have them. T.T

Photobucket We came home and I decided to try my new shoes out. X3 I was rolling around happily in the kitchen coz it was the smoothest surface I could find (though I fell on my bum once) and... Crack! A part of the wheel broke off! O.O I'm taking it back tomorrow... Though I'm really lucky that it didn't break at the con and that I didn't buy fabrics for the cosplay too. ^^

Photobucket I'm really not that upset about the shoes. It's life. ^^' Actually I'm kinda looking forward to ripping into the shop owner about it. XP But mum's a bit sad and upset that I can't play with it... Heh... Oh and the shop owner thought I'm about 15. T.T

°¶Out of the 6 people who commented on my previous post°¶Only 1 was a soccer fan. T.T It√‘ so sad. T.T




*runs off cheering for the Japanese national team*
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