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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blast From the Past.
So I had to "thoroughly" clean my room today since my Aunt and her family is coming over and I'm getting kicked out. -_- So while I was cleaning I found some old photos. It's really just me when I was a kid but the one where my Dad is wearing one of those short basketball shorts was so dang funny. I'm so teasing him about it later.

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There's one with my granny too where they actually forced me to wear a dress, I think you can see a "hut" behind us, I used to play with my friends inside that hut.

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The last one is when we went to the beach for my birthday (with my Dad in the picture) and then I got lost...fortunately some relatives from my Dad's side found me.

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It's crazy how fast the years went by. It just went WHOOSH!

I love you guys. I CAN'T wait for Spring Break, one more week, baby! I think I'm going to visit some of the art museums around here. :D I've been in Virginia for three years (almost)and I haven't looked around much. Shame.

That's about it? Not much happening in my life but I'm FINALLY done with projects, FINALLY. Let's just hope they don't give us another one. =]

Live happily, my dears!

Confession #4
Sometimes in class I have to urge to stand up, and just kiss someone senseless.


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Sunday, February 3, 2008

So my Mom...is not happy that I'm becoming more like my Dad. [[Her words, not mine!]]

I was shopping for clothes at the...male section. *chuckles* So, Mumsy wasn't that happy, she usually doesn't care but I've been shopping more and more at the male's section lately. *laughs* They're unisex clothes I tell you! They're not specifically just for dudes. (Besides, guys wear girly clothes anyway! I mean hello? SKINNY JEANS?)

I'm tired. And my Dad and I got into fight, I don't really want to get in to the whole conversation.

And OH, I broke his pinky finger. No, that's not the reason why we fought. But his pinky looks all funny and I can't help but crack up every time I see it. [[I do feel guilty not that I'd ever admit it to him.]]

He twisted my arm so I had no choice but to grab hold of his pinky and then err the rest is history. :D

Confession #3
In 1st grade, I farted then blamed it on somebody else.

P.S. You have no idea how embarrassing it was for me to admit that latest confession!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   When I'm sick...
I go crazy.

Within 6 hours, I have wasted, 1 box of Cleenex, and 2 bottles of Purell sanitizers. I have gone to the restroom to wash my hands, more than I can count, basically every time I sneeze or whatever, I wash my hands and THEN sanitize them.

I hate being sick, especially when I have a cold. That's why I diligently take vitamins every day.

*continues to whine*

I knew I should have brought an umbrella yesterday. Damn rain, when I was sick too. *sighs*

But with proper care, it doesn't last that long, at least not for me.

*drinks some more water*

Sorry I sound like such a brat. =[

I'm finally done with the SasuSaku fanart. It's on my portfolio on here, I'm not satisfied with it but...*shrugs*

Sometimes, I'm tempted to be a hippie, drop out of school, buy a van with floral designs on it, travel with my "hippie friends" and then STOP SHAVING. Muahahaha.

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