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Ahem... hope you like your visit to my webpage. do give me comments on my art work!P.S:NO ONE is to take any of my orignal art pieces WITHOUT my PERMISSION!deal?allright? ... i AM NOT joking! no kidding! *cheers*dont be afraid of me... mua ha ha ha ^.^

if you're really bored... you can talk to me on yahoo... heh. add me!

Friday, April 28, 2006

   Im must be out dated to the extreme
I havent been posting for ages. i think there's like cobwebs everyway.i think im stick to the reason of 'as you grow older and older, there seem to be sooo much stuff undone and not fulfiled.time runs out"

well, i guess, we all dont have a choice.

recently i just came back from china after a school attachment there for 1 and a half months of work at a aerospce manufacturing company. So super uber cooL~! though i didnt get to learn much as i was placed in the office to do paper work, exporting and stuff, it'
s better than staying outside and freezing away in the cold. LOL.

I give myself a B+ to tt work done, why not A? cause i know i was slacking at some points at times, that my colleague was like... are you sleepy? and bored?

LOL.no choice.

i've learned that for bus trips, you have to protect your butt. it gets rubbed on the most when dozens of ppl are sooo determined to SQUEEZE in eventhough they knew that they can get in~!! *sigH* dont be a gentlemen and let others in first, for two reasonS: the bus driver is impatient and will leave without you. second, the ppl cant be bothered with manners and hack care you. LOL

funny but worth while exprience. i'd gotten many animes there too. soooo super cheap~! nearly the price of two mangas together locally. shakugana no shana, trinity blood, samurai champloo, suzuka and others.
the best part is the barginning in chinese~! we all learn many ways to get the prices we want.

maybe you should try going to one day too. worth the try. but but super careful there. pretty dangerous. esp for girls.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

My arms and hands ached from carryig shelves and cabinets from one building of the sch to the other building that host our club room there. TWO GIRLS~! GIRL POWER~!

the only help we got was from two guys we met when we were nearly there. arms and hands dying out soon.HAHaha.

Oh. i've added a pic of my hand-made SAnosuke doll. take a look kay? Hahaha.

do remind me if you did update your art with new ones.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   woo hooo~!
one more art piece up~! titled: Ella (c.O.A) honestly . i didnt know what to name her.. since i only designed this character for the sake of fun. she hasnt really appeared in my story yet. but i intend to put her in whenever i can.

i realised tt all of my art pieces lay under the Original anime catogery. well.. i cant seem to think or rather be sooo crazy over a certain anime yet to actually want to draw it out..

Unless.. if it's meant for someone. Do you think i can put up hand work pieces.. like self made plushits or stuff related to anime.. like RK or Bleach stuff on the anime d rawing cat. ? hmm

so how's your week so far?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

   went running today
i havent ran in ages. but i guess it was worth it. kill the fats~!hahah. i guess all those sitting ard at home drawing away during the hols isnt a great idea of a healthy living.

the sun today is beating down like nobody's business. almost died from the heat.

Btw. i've put up one more new drawing. it's a rough sketch. i'll do a better one later of it next time.

christmas is coming. and i was thinking of making eggnog for my pals if they come over. any one has any special reciepe for it? care to share?

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

new work up
finally!!!! got time to scan my work up . do come and take a look at it and comment if possible. titled: Salem (C.O.A)

Woo.. i've got free tix for the lastest harry potter movie. hope it's good.

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