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Thursday, July 31, 2008


It was dark. except for the light of the moon and the stars twinkling in the sky. so beautiful entrancing almost. You want to get a better look so you climb onto the nearest roof and sit on it. and just thought, you were so lost in thought you didn’t feel the strong presence behind you. "Move", the voice was ice cold and bought a shiver to your spine, you looked up it was him. Gaara. You didn’t dislike Gaara. He interested you. You often found life dull and hoped for more, but he, he was unique not like anyone else you had ever seen. If only you weren’t to shy to talk to him.
"move or I’ll kill you" the same tingling sensation you got from all his words rose through your body and you flushed. You stood up not knowing whether to be rude back ( you were incredibly sarcastic and had an exceptional skill for comebacks) or go. The red head however ignored you and sat down staring at the moon deep in thought his unblinking eyes gorgeously green in the dim light. You gave him one last look and decided to leave, for once not embarrassed just unsure. "The stars, they are lovely aren’t they?" There it was again that voice. Wait, was he talking to me?. But he told me to leave ..erm... "Yes they really are beautiful" you squeaked out a shaky reply"
" I come here often , it helps me forget the monster I am and feel, almost at peace" his voice still had a cold tinge but it was softer this time almost sad.
"I don’t think you a monster" You muttered hoping in all hell he hadn’t heard you. He had. "Not a monster,huh?" He stood up his voice was violent his eyes full of hate and anger, there was even somewhat fear. "Not a monster huh?, I should kill you"
You stayed still in fear but with a kunai behind your back as unusual as he may be he was not
killing you. You may be shy but you were an excellent fighter, one of the best and your brains were unsurpassed. But alas he disappeared from your eyes, you looked around wondering where he could have gone maybe a .replacement jutsu . That was until you felt something hard against your back and a hand from behind you cover your mouth. He held you against his chest, tears streamed down your face you knew this was your dieing moment. He turned you to face him you tried to hide the tears but you couldn’t. You looked him in his eyes knowing you would spend the last moment of your life drowning in them. Well at least you couldn’t say this was boring.
" I should kill you." his eyes filled with something at that moment you had never seen before in his cold lonely eyes
"but i cant" Love?
and he kissed you. But this wasn't just a kiss. It was something else something amazing. Butterflys ruptured in your stomach as his lips touched yours. They were soft even shy. the kiss was powerful it lifted you out of this world and put you somewhere completely different. He licked your lips and you opened your mouth. Its just a brand new sensation. His tongue caressed yours, its a little rough but it contain strong emotion. Your knees go a little weak at the intensity of it. He runs his hand through your hair and breaks the kiss.
"I've wanted to do that for so long, when I first met you, you were just so different, strong intelligent and just…I cant really describe it. At first I thought this was a new form of stronger hate. I tried to kill you several times”
This made you gulp
“But every time I came close I just couldn’t…it was like you had some strange power over me that no one else has, it was like I couldn’t hurt you, I wanted to protect you it was like I…I love you”
You tried to reply but you were speechless.
“ I knew you wouldn’t want a monster like me..” he began a silver tear forming in his eyes making them if possible look even more amazing, but of course that was impossible. He blinked it away shivering and turned round so his back was to you.
“Your just so perfect funny, beautiful ,intelligent strong….how could I think you would love a monster like me” you heard his breathing quicken trying to suppress the sadness in his voice,”
“ But I do” you spoke softly but loud enough for him to hear. He turned around
He stopped and turned to you walking so close that you could feel his breath against your face.
“Really?” he asked.You didn’t have time to answer because he pulled you in to another deep kiss, this kiss was intense and passionate and lasted for a very long time and when it ended he pushed away slowly like he couldn’t pull away like he needed you.
“Very really” and with that Gaara smiled. He had nether done that before. It made his eyes light up they were so intriguing you loved them so much.
“I love you “ he muttered pulling you into another kiss
“ I love you too” and you lost yourself in the kiss.

umm..hello..*blushes* so..i know this wa slong, and if you took the time to read this, well thank you. So, wat do you guys think of my little..'adventure"??

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

you are a person who is strong and happy in life, and because of this the gladiolus should be your symbolic flower. The flower symbolism associated with the gladiolus is preparedness, strength of character, splendid beauty and love at first sight. The gladiolus is named for the shape of its leaves, "gladius" or sword. The gladiolus is said to have symbolized the Roman gladiators. Giving a gladiolus is telling the receiver that he or she "pierces the heart." Gladiolus are also said to symbolize remembrance, and can be appropriately given at anniversaries to celebrate the memories of many happy years together

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Make your first girlfriend cry,
And you've done wrong.
Lead THIS girl on,
and you'll regret it.
Make a dove cry,
you should know your limit.
Keep doing this, and we'll
all come back and
return the favor.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 70%
Orderliness |||||| 26%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 70%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 66%
Mystical |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism |||||| 30%
Materialism |||||| 23%
Narcissism |||||||||| 36%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Work ethic |||||| 30%
Humanitarian |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||||| 56%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 50%
Romantic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Avoidant || 10%
Anti-authority |||||||||| 36%
Wealth |||||||||||| 43%
Dependency |||||||||||||| 56%
Change averse || 10%
Cautiousness |||||||||| 36%
Individuality |||||| 23%
Sexuality |||||||||||| 43%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 43%
Family drive |||||||||||| 43%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||| %
Histrionic |||||| 30%
Paranoia |||||||||| 36%
Vanity |||||||||| 36%
Honor |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Thriftiness |||||||||| 36%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality test by similarminds.com

So, what do you guys think??? do i match the results? please tell me the answer!!

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gigglefest w00t w00t
Aww! that's meh colby right there <3. i luve hes voice!! not him!!1 HIS VOICE (giggle...giggle)
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I remember wen there was i time that every time i heard this song, i would cry :8 yep! im sensitive lyk that! :}
The dude kinda looks like that actor on Reba (yeh its perty funi) The one named Van?? Well, Van has nice eyebrows!!1 (it's wierd that i noticed that, but i gotta knack for that kinda thing:@
Any wayz, im re-reading the Harry Potter series! (again..)
Yester was very...surprising... but B4 that, guess wat!! i made my friend Rubi an account on TheO!!! yep, her name's MessiahofSilence....wunder were she got the name...=? wep check her out ~*kay~*?
Thr other news is that...(drumroll) THERE"S GANA BE A TWILIGHT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! i am tottly obssed with those books!!! <3 welp, that's if for today!!
welll.....not just yet. Teardrops on my guitar is my first video!! *huggles self* O! and i made a pokemon name!! Chiblets!!!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's not fair! people tell me that there leaving theO/myO.
So, i'm like, think about this1 but i tell them that whiether they do or don't is their decision. Then they come up and tell me that they are staying! wen i hear this words, my heart swells with pride<3. Then they leave. I don't think its fair. i love all of my friends, and even though i've never meet them, i feel a connection with them. then i try to find other people, but latly i've jut been giving up on that...if no1 is gana get bak up, should i just stay down along ith them??? or stand up and wait for others to follow?? any advice??

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OMFG!!!look at my panda!!! isn't she uber qute!!! feed her and she rools around!!! AWESOME!!!1
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Where Were you?
When I finally let it all go stupid, me i let all of my tears flow. And were you there, to lend my your shoulder?Were any of you there to offer you hands? Your comfort? let me answer that question.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

too much time on my hands, not enough room inn my head
My knees start to shake,
When you're in sight.
My mind is filled with wonder,
My heart with fright.

When will this feeling stop?
When did it start?
How can I listen to my mind,
Without breaking my heart?

I'm so confused.
What should I do?
I can't think of anything,
Except you.

Should I ignor you,
Or just give it time?
I can't think straight,
My heart controls my mind.


Bottled up inside
Are the words I never said,
The feelings that I hide,
The lines you never read.

You can see it in my eyes,
Read it on my face:
Trapped inside are lies
Of the past I can't replace.

With memories that linger-
Won't seem to go away.
Why can't I be happier?
Today's a brand-new day.

Yesterdays are over,
Even though the hurting's not.
Nothing lasts forever,
I must cherish what I've got.

Don't take my love for granted,
For soon it will be gone-
All you ever wanted
Of the love you thought you'd won.

The hurt I'm feeling now
Won't disappear overnight,
But someway, somehow,
Everything will turn out all right,

No more wishing for the past.
It wasn't meant to be.
It didn't seem to last,
So I have to set him free

I Won't Be Left Behind

I run my fastest
But still get beat.
I land on my head
When I should be on my feet.
I try to move forward,
But I am stuck in rewind.
Why do I keep at it?
I won't be left behind.

The harder I am thrown,
The higher I bounce.
I give it my all,
And that's all that counts.
In first place,
Myself, I seldom find.
So I push to the limit-
I won't be left behind.

Some people tell me you can't,
Some say don't.
Some simply give up.
I reply I won't.
The power is here,
Locked away in my mind.
My perseverance is my excellence,
I won't be left behind.

Make the best of each moment,
The future is soon the past.
The more I tell myself this,
The less I come in last.
Throughout my competitions,
I've learned whta winning is about.
A plain and clear lesson-
Giving up is the easy way out.

So every night before I go to bed,
I hope in a small way I have shined.
Tomorrow is a brand-new day,
And I won't be left behind

My friend, I need you now-
Please take me by the hand.
Stand by me in my hour of need,
Take time to understand.

Take my hand, dear friend,
And lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears,
Wipe the tears from off my face.

Friend, I cannot stand alone.
I need your hand to hold,
The warmth of your gentle touch
In my world that's grown so cold.

Please be a friend to me
And hold me day by day.
Because with your loving hand in mine,
I know we'll find the way.

(you guys don't know how much this hurt..)
"Friends forever," you promised.
"together till the end."
We did everything with each other.
You were my best friend.

Whe I was sad, you were by my side.
When I was scared, you felt my fear.
You were my best support-
If I needed you, you were there.

You were the greatest friend,
You always knew what to say:
You made everything seem better.
As long as we had each other,
Everything would be okay.

But somewhere along the line,
We slowly came apart.
I was here, you were there,
It tore a hole in my heart.

Things were changing,
Our cheerful music reversed its tune.
It was like having salt without pepper,
A sun without its moon

Suddenly we were miles apart,
Two different people, with nothing the same.
It was as if we hadn't been friends;
Although we knew deep in our hearts
Neither one of us was to blame.

You had made many new friends
And luckily, so had I
But that didn't change the hurt-
The loss of our friendship made me cry.

As we grow older, things must change
But they don't always have to end.
Even though it is different, now,
You will always be my friend.

To all of you who need it...
I have to live with myself, and so
I want to be fit for myself to know
I want to be able as days go by
Always to look myself straight in the eye;
I don't want to stand, with the setting sun,
And hate myself for things I have done.
I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
A lot of secrets about myself,
And fool myself, as I come and go,
Into thinking that nobody else will know
The kind of man I really am;
I don't want to dress myself up in sham.
I want to go out with my head erect,
I want to deserve all man's respect;
And here in the struggle for fame and wealth,
I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to look at mysefl and know
That I am a bluffer, an empty show.
I can never hide myself from me:
I see what others may never see,
I know what others may never know;
I never can fool myself, and so,
Whatever happens, I want to be
Self-respecting and guilt-free.

to my dear friends....
It's hard to get from here to there
If you never get out of bed.
You lie a lot to fool your friends
But you fooled yourself instead.

It's hard to get from here to there
If you set your goals too high;
Then nothing ever works out right;
Too soon, you no longer try.

But the hardest way to get from here to there
Is when all you ever do
Is count up the years, and miles to go.
Then you're through before you're through.

So how do you get from here to there?
Well, you first must believe you can
Let no one tell you differently-
It's your life and it's in your hands.

Then turn your dreams into your goals
And see what you need now
To satisfy the requirements:
The why, the where and how

At first you're overwhelmed, of course;
There is so much you don't know.
But keep your faith, be strong and sure,
For you do have a way to go.

Take careful steps and do them right,
Take pride in each thing done.
Don't look too far ahead of yourself,
Just that next step yet to come.

Before you know it you'll be there, friend,
Your dream will them be real.
And you'll be standing where I am now,
Telling others how good it feels.

You'll tell them not to quit themselves,
To have faith, though it's hard to bear.
So they will know it can be done-
They, too, can get from here to there.

Somethiing chipper to end our days...
When I resolve into the essence
That I most truly am,
I feel a deep connection
With every living thing.
For that which most imbues me
With my identity
Is somehow in the other, too,
So that when I look around
I see myself-reflected.
Hidden in this union
Is the wonderful discovery
That if indeed the angels
Have wings-
Then so do I.
And if the essence of a flower
Drifts out on a gentle breeze-
Then so do I.
And if the midnight sky
Is radiant with light-
Then so am I.
And if the silent mystery
Somehow becomes revealed
In tiny dewdrops fair-
Then so will I.
For every lovely thing
Manifests the essence
Of which I am a part,
So beware, my soul, beware,
And move with gentle heart
Throughout this mystic veil.
For if Love has left its imprint here-
Then so have I!

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