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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Paramore Info

[Band Members]
Hayley Williams-lead vocals, keyboards.

Josh Farro-lead guitar, backing vocals.

Jeremy Davis-bass guitar.

Zac Farro-drums.

Taylor York-rhythm guitar, touring member.

All We Know Is Falling

The Summer Tic EP


"All We Know" - 3:13
"Pressure" - 3:05
"Emergency" - 4:00
"Brighter" - 3:43
"Here We Go Again" - 3:46
"Never Let This Go" - 3:40
"Whoa" - 3:21
"Conspiracy" - 3:42
"Franklin" - 3:18
"My Heart" - 3:59
"For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" - 3:48
"That's What You Get" - 3:40
"Hallelujah" - 3:23
"Misery Business" - 3:31
"When It Rains" - 3:35
"Let the Flames Begin" - 3:18
"Miracle" - 3:29
"Crushcrushcrush" - 3:09
"We Are Broken" - 3:38
"Fences" - 3:19
"Born for This" - 3:58

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Save Me My Love (an ino love story chapter 1)(yuri warning)
Kaira P.O.V.
All the konoichi sat around the table at the barbeque parlor, Tsunade was treating us girls to a treat for haveing the top chunin scores for out of all the villages. Everyone but Hinata were chatting loudly, gossiping, exchanging info, and professing love. But only one girl stood out from the crowd, Ino Yamanaka. I stayed quiet and stared and as much as I wanted to look away, I couldn't. I'd look away for a second then look straight back. I didn't even know what she was saying, but she looked so beautiful saying it.

"Hey, are you alright?" I heard Tenten's voice, I wasn't sure if it was meant for me, but I looked.

"You seem spacey there chicka. Are you alright?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I'm good." I said quietly. By now everyone was quiet and looking at me, even Ino's gaze turned to me, causeing me to blush.

"Are you sure? You look kinda redish." Ino stated. This made me blush even more.

"I haven't really been feeling good lately." I told them, before anyone could say anything, I got up and walked out of the parlor and onto the street. It was cold out...

Ino P.O.V.
'Somethings been up lately..' I thought to myself as I carried on my earlier conversation. 'She's been stareing for the past month, like she wants something.. but what?' I couldn't control my thoughts. When the food arrived I ate in silence, trying to gather my thoughts. Out of now where, I began to think about something else. How cute she looked blushing. I found these thoughts confusing, I've never thought that way of another girl before. But the more I thought about her. The more I began realizing the kind of feelings I had for her. As I finished the last couple bites of my food, Hinata asked, "Ino, whats w-wrong?".

"What do you mean?" I asked her, confused.

"You've seemed d-distracted ever sense K-kaira l-left."

"Oh, dont worry about it, I guess I'm just tired. I'm gonna head out. See you later."

I stood up to go and bid everyone good bye before I left the parlor.
I was greeted by a gust of cold wind, that felt strangely refreshing...

Regular P.O.V.
Ino walked down the street. Looking up at the star filled sky. Kaira's house was only a few blocks away from the parlor, so she didn't have to hurry. Suddenly, she realized that she didn't know what she was going to say when she got there. Quickly she tried to think up something. By the time she got something, she was standing in front of the door. Ino knocked twice, but there was no answer, which was odd, cause she knew either Kaira or Anko had to be home, one of them was always home at night time.
"Hello!!" Ino yelled. No answer. Ino sighed and decided to check the back door.
*mean while*
In her bedroom, Kaira pulled a box out from under her dresser. Opening it revealed a scalple, some bandages, and wound cleanser. She picked the scalple up with great ease and caution, knowing how sharp it was. Slowly, she rolled her shirt sleeve up with her free hand, exposing a wrist guard she wore often. Pulling that off, exposed scarred flesh and jagged lines lightly scabbed.
Ino watched her best friend sense childhood press the blade of the scalple against her skin. She could feel a tear fall down her cheek, she had thought all this stopped a long time ago. It was a horrible site, yet, her gaze couldn't be torn away from such an image. Ino watch as the blade was guided around Kaira's wrist, leaving a thin trail of blood behind, some blood drops splattered on the floor. It seemed like forever and a day before Kaira finally wiped off the blade and placed it back in the box before removing a bandage and wrapping it around her wound. Kaira was exauhsted and decided she would clean it in the morning. She sat on her bed, taking deep breaths, trying to make her heart stop beating to quickly.
Ino was still sort of shocked at what she had just witness, but she forced herself to move back to the front door and knock again. This time, Kaira heard and placed her wrist guard back on and pulled her sleeve down. She left her room and ran down the stairs, forgetting to put away her box, and also forgetting to clean up the blood dropplets....

(sorry it was so short! I promise I'll have more next time, if you guys liked it. But, I have n more ideas today.)

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Save Me My Love (an ino love story)(yuri warning, girl/girl couple for you noobs)
This Kaira Yoshamoto, she's 12 years old. A young ninja in the Leaf village and a genius. She's popular, pretty, funny, and is very adventurous. But somethings missing...

Her mother is Anko and she doesn't know her father.
She feels her mother will never truely understand her, but she can't show her disappointment or her mother will be on her case all the time.
No in the Leaf village could ever feel the hurt she does inside, so
she's often seen happy, but deep inside she was planning something. Her own death...
Severly depressed she decides she is going to end her own life.
Only one person can save her. The girl she's loved from afar sense she found out that she was bisexual.
Ino Yamanaka, her best friend sense child hood.
Can Ino save her?
Or is it already to late?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If one word discribed me
that word would be broken
with all the lies I've been fed
and my words left unspoken

Cause everything you told me
none of that was true
and my only fear in this world
is this fear of being you

Pain built up inside me
and all the misery you've caused
because of you my goals are gone
and all my dreams are lost

Your the reason for my anger
and all my sadness and rage
you may think all of this will pass
but this isn't just a phase

These things are just some reasons
these things I saw are true
I wish you could feel my pain
god if you only knew.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Saddest Icons I've Ever Seen! (all alomst relate to me in a way)

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