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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Okay, today is Tuesday...I forgot to set the new kanji of the week. So here it is. ^-^

And, I made a new Avatar! Quina this time. Next can be Steiner, I haven't done him yet, right?

I'm finally on the computer but only because my game froze. Right on the part where the Galbadian soldiers are in Balamb and your supposed to go into Zell's house, it freezes everytime I try to go in, damn game. Oh well, I'm getting it changed for a new one today.

I tried playing Final Fantasy 7 but after playing alot of Final Fantasy 8, 7 just seemed so dull. Once I saw it's graphics I couldn't play it. So, I wanna finish 8 before I move onto 7. And to do that, I need a working disk that doesn't freeze...

I almost have 200 gb signings! I have 192 right now! Just 8 more signings. And the Kyo-Kun Fan Club members list has went up to 73. O.o I didn't think so many people would join. Well, enough of my rambling, I'm gonna go trade my game for a new one now. ^-^

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Friday, April 1, 2005

I finally have some time! I made the Frey avatar I told everyone I'd make! So, it's up now. I have time now because I'm letting my brother play FF8 now. So, I thought I'd use the computer.

In other news, I made a new AIM screen name! It's matches the screen name for myOtaku! It's QueenofAnime21. So, if anybody's using my old one to talk to me, I'll be on QueenofAnime21 instead. ^-^

Oh, and after I finish making a avatar for each character in FF9, I'm changing my theme again. I know what theme I'm gonna put up already but you'll have to wait and find out. ^-^

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yea...I haven't posted in a while...well, you see, it's because of two reasons. One- I got Final Fantasy 7 and 8 in the mail (I ordered it) and I've been playing in non-stop (or at least trying to). Two- I've had nothing to post! This is the first time I've been on the computer since I got the games. XD I try to play it as much as I can. Oh, and if anyone cares, I started writing a Beyblade story! O.o I don't know why though. I was just sitting in second period and though '...I feel like writing a Beyblade story...' So, I started one. Chances are, I'm not gonna finish it. I havent' finished one of the stories I've made yet. And I even tried to make a one-shot (It never got finished!) Can you believe that? One chapter, that's all I had to write and I couldn't even finish that...that's so sad...

Good news is, I've finally somewhat mastered photoshop!! Okay, maybe not MASTERED...but at least I know what I'm doing now. Basically, all I've been doing is coloring in black and white pictures. I'll post them all up too. The before and after pictures. ^o^



Comments- I have to actually say, I love this picture! It's so cool! I can't believe that I did that! O.o I might use it on a new banner I might make. ^-^



Comments- I think this looks pretty cool. I messed up the picture by making Ed's boots brown instead of the color their supposed to be, black. Oh well -.-



Comments- This is that one part where Satoshi pretends to be a girl to try to capture Dark. This was actually the first time I tried to color in a black and white picture. I must say, it turned out pretty good! ^-^ Oh, and I made up the colors basically. I don't even know what color the suit was. O.o



Comments- Now, some people might remember this from a post I did a couple of weeks ago. Maybe even last month. O.o I don't remember when. Anyway, I saw it and thought, 'I HAVE to color it...' I showed it to the friend of mine that gave me the picture and she said 'Wow! It looks like it was colored by hand!' ^-^



Comments- This one, I just felt like coloring. I remember reading this part in the manga. It's that part where Sasuke turns to Sakura and says 'You make me sick' I love that part! ^-^

Oh, and I made this button for myself using photoshop too! It's slightly bigger than my normal buttons...

Aw, who am I kidding. It's a lot bigger than my normal buttons! O.o Oh well...

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   Happy Easter! ^-^
Happy Easter!

YAY!! This was the first thing I did on my new photoshop!! I took out all the extra words that were around him (which was very hard!!) and made it look like this!! My first project on photoshop was a sucess! Up until now, I've been using paint to do everything. Which took hours! Well, sometimes it did...other times it was really easy. Like all the buttons. Anyway, I'm so proud of myself because I made this all by myself! I added the 'Happy Easter!' and 'Yuki Sohma' cause it looked too plain without it. Well, Happy Easter everyone! ^-^

Oh, and I put up another avatar! Eiko, just like I said. Next can be Freya. ^-^

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Your inner Demon..... by Elf_of_fire
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Favorite Place:
Current mood:
Most important thing to you:
What it looks like:
Demon of:Jealousy
# of years it's been in you:5
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But, it says I have a demon of jealousy in me...do I?! And for 5 years too...maybe I do...oh well.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

First off, new avi! (again...) It's Vivi this time. Eiko's next. ^-^

Fruits Basket SLEEP OVER MADNESS O.O by Vivi-chan
YukiAte all the popcorn and blamed on Momiji
Kyoturned into a cat when you hugged him
Harutoppled Shigure to the ground
TohruCooked a big meal
Shiguresat in Ayame's lap
Akitogot drunk and ran into a wall
Hatoristarted to dance with Tohru
Youdyed your hair pink
It was held at ___The Soma's
it was ____ crazy: 69%
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What Full Metal Alchemist character would fear you? by Neko kitty-chan
Favourite colour:
Why:Stood laughing for too long
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Which Fruits Basket Character do you date? (Girls)::Now with PICS:: by albino blackWolf
Favorite Zodiac
Your going to date..
He takes you..on a forest walk
What date says to you when you meet..Yea, lets go
Will your relationship grow?Yes, yes oh yes!! I LOVE YOU!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I was hoping for Kyo...but Hatori's cool too. ^-^

Oh, and I made a new Sasuke Fan Club banner as well as a new Gravitation Fan Club Button. Here they are.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

You are a japanese expert congrats! Wait for my
next quiz where the questions get harder.

Do you know Japanese?
brought to you by Quizilla

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   Final Fantasy Club!
I just joined a new club!! It's awesome!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   More Buttons
I made 3 more buttons for the Kyo-Kun Fan Club! ^-^ Here they are!

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   New Avatar
First off, I changed my Avatar. I made it myself! ^-^ I'll probably try to change it every week or something till there's no more characters. Or, just whenever I finish the character I'm making. ^-^ I guess Vivi is next.

And, here are some cute Furuba sprites that I found! I love the Kyo one's!

Tohru Honda

Yuki Sohma

Kyo Sohma

Momiji Sohma

Hiro Sohma

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