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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   New Theme!!

Ack! O.o It's Wensday again and I forgot to put up the new Kanji of the Week. Sorry. Well, here it is.

And as you can see, I've changed my theme. I just finished making everything. The background, avatar, welcome banner, ect.

So here it is! My new theme, Inuyasha! My next theme will be something else but I'm not sure what yet. Let's see, so far, I've had, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Dn Angel, Chrono Crusade, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Final Fantasy VIII and IX, and Inuyasha.

Actually, I made this really cool thing to put on my background but I ended up not putting it on there. It didn't look right. But here it is, not on the background.

So, 2 people joined the Anime Lovers Club. And My Kyo-Kun Fan Club still hasn't reached 100. It's on 97. I was thinking of making a special banner for the 100th person to join the Kyo-Kun Fan Club but that's only if I can make it, and if anyone joins. I've said before that I have photoshop but I'm still a little sketchy on how to use it very well.

Okay, my next theme will be Yu Yu Hakusho. I haven't used that, right? So, I'm gonna go get started on a background now. ^-^

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in a while, sorry. I really have nothing to post. But I did notice that's it's wensday (right? O.o) and I never put up the new Kanji of the week. So here it is.

With school out, I don't know what day it is anymore. I'll try to keep better track of that...

My Kyo-Kun Fan Club still hasn't reached 100. It's up to 97. Just 3 more members.

My Gravitation Fan Club has 20 members and my Sasuke Fan Club has 7 members. Nobody is joining that one. I guess I'll just have cut that club out.

Oh, and my friend made a site here on MyO. She's under the name Azura the Kitsune. She hasn't been able to do much with her site so there's nothing on it right now. So, go visit her and sign her gb.

Well, she wanted to start a club of her own. It's called Anime Lover's Club. I made a banner for her. Actually, I made two. Here they are.

Yeah, I'm a co-founder. So, if you want to join, pm me or her.

For any of you that read any of my stories on fanfiction.net, (I'm Queen of Anime there too) I updated one of my stories. The Fight for Kagome's Love, it's an Inuyasha story. And if you've yet to read it, read it and tell me what you think. I've got three stories posted there. Two Inuyasha and one Naruto. There's Kagome's Decision, The Fight for Kagome's Love, and Sakashima Kashiya. The last one is the Naruto story. ^-^

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Friday, May 27, 2005

   New Theme
Yay! My new theme is up!! And guess what, IT'S FINALLY SUMMER FOR ME!!!!!!! The best part is, my brother goes to a different school then me so he still has school today! HA!

Yeah, so my new theme is Fruits Basket! ^-^ I actually made the background all by myself using Photoshop. As well as the avatar and Welcome banner thingy. I always make my Welcome banner by myself though. As you can see, my background says 'Made by Queen of Anime' because I actually did make it. It's nothing special but I'm still proud of myself.

My next theme will be up whenever I get around to making a background for it too. If you have any suggestion for the next theme, comment and tell me.

I still can't get over the fact that it's actually summer!! I'm officialy a sophmore now. Now I get to make fun of the new little Freshmen when I start school again. It's gonna be so cool! Although, I can wait. ^-^

Well, that's all since I have nothing else to write. Oh, and if anybody would like me to make them a button or something, just ask. I've been making alot of buttons lately for alot of people and if you want one, I'll make one for you. You just have to tell me first.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in like a week. With this last week of school, things have been hectic. And I have finals tomorrow and Thursday. After that, I'll be able to update more often. And make more banners! Oh, and speaking of banners, Silent Love made me a new banner for the Kyo-Kun Fan Club! ^-^ It's not on the site yet (I have no free time!) But here it is.

Oh, and it's Tuesday. I forgot to put up the new 'Kanji of the Week' for this week. So, here it is.

Come Thursday, when school is finally out for the summer, I'm thinking of changing my theme. I'm not sure on what theme right now. I wanna use something that I haven't before. So, that takes out DN Angel, Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Gravitation, Naruto, Chrono Crusade, and Full Metal Alchemist. I think that's all the theme's I've used...I know! My next theme will be Fruits Basket! I haven't used that yet. ^-^

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   New Background and button!
Hello! I forgot to put up a new Kanji of the week and it's Tuesday! O.o So, here it is:

Oh, and I changed my background to a different DN Angel Background! This one has Daisuke and Dark on it! It's so cool. ^-^

And I added yet another anime to my list of anime stuff, Happy Lesson! I made a button for it.

Happy Lesson- Chitose

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Oh, I made two new buttons! I added two new shows to my list so I made buttons for them.

Zatch Bell- Kiyo

Azumanga Daioh- I forgot her name... -.-'

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   Hey everyone!
Hey everyone, annamoon just sent me a pm saying that there are hackers on myOtaku! O.o She said that Valon Cra-Z's site was already hacked into! I went there and sure enough, it was! So people, help us find them and stop them. myOtaku is supposed to be a friendly place for anime lovers to gather and talk about, well, anime!

Anyway, on a lighter note, I have a story that I just finished typing up! Only the first chapter, and the beginning of the second chapter was written, and only the first typed up. Well, I don't want to put it up on fanfiction.net so, I though I'd put it up here. So, comment people, and tell me if it's good!

It's a Gravitation story. Me and my friend decided we wanted to write a story together so, we came up with a summary and now we're taking turns writing chapters. The first chapter was writen by her and edited for spelling and crap by me. The second chapter, which I have started on already, is gonna be written by me. The third, by her. And so on and so forth.

So, anyway, here is the first chapter. It's kinda a little PG-13ish. So, If you're under 13, don't read. Unless, of course you want too, but I won't be responsible for any trouble you might get into. So anyway, yeah. Here it is. Enjoy, and tell me what you think. ^-^

Type- Gravitation
Title- Creamy Latte' ( We're still kinda working on the title... -.-' )
Authoress(s)- Ruler of Yaoi/Queen of Anime
Genre- Romance/Drama
Rated- PG-13 ( Unless Ruler of Yaoi goes crazy... -.-' )
Summary- AU Shuichi is a struggling college student working at a homey coffee shop. He lost all hope in love after his experiences. But then a blond golden eyed god steps through the doors.2:42 PM 5/15/2005An obsession arises as Shuichi finds it harder to keep the blonds out of his mind, but obsessions can be dangerous things. And little does Shuichi know...the obsession isn't one-sided.

Chapter 1- Take My Breath Away

"Shindou-san! Shakespeare!"

"Nani? Oh...um...He was born in 1564. He wrote his plays and sonnets in the English Renaissance. He was known as a play wright for his incredible knowledge of the human psyche. He wrote great love stories and tragedies.

"He reenacted his plays in a theater called the Globe. He was also acknowledged as a playwright as Robert Greene insulted him by calling him an upstart crow."

The professor stood at the front of the class, rubbing his temple but smiling gently. "Shindou-san, I'm glad to see you have done the reading on Shakespear-"

Shuichi smiled proudly.

"-and his life, but that's not what I wanted to know."

Shuichi's face faltered and his fellow college students snickered.

"I want you to name three sonnets or plays and quote them."

"Oh..." Shuichi's cheeked flushed dark red. He glanced down at his desk, clearing his throat softly.

The older man smiled, his eyes twinkling with amusement, "Don't worry. That leaves one less question for the rest of the class."

Lavender eyes glanced up through silky pink bangs, merrily glancing at the old professor. The years after high-school had done the pink-haired boy in.

He had stayed his 5'7 self and didn't look his age. His hair, now held back in a binding, grew just below his neck. His lavender eyes lighted to an almost omniscient purple.

His body had become lean and slightly muscular, yet still soft to the touch. His mental state had matured slightly but still held a childish innocence.

The innocence of good in every person, the innocence of love over coming pain and all tragedy. Such naive innocence still harbored in the pink-haired boys' mind and heart.

It's the same naivety and innocence that made him desirable to those who lost all of it. But the only desire those had was to kill the childish nature, to control and destroy it. To tame a free, pure spirit, not bound by reality.

But to be able to do that, the heart must be captured and given. Shuichi Shindou had locked his heart away, thriving off his dreams of love...love that could never be corrupted.

Like the love he thought he experienced once. He wanted to give his innocence to his love. Not the innocence of sex, but that of his mind and soul. He could never give the innocence of sex to his love...

Never, for it was already gone. Taken...not given...and it haunted him everyday since then.

Shuichi sighed and leaned his head back, "The day I give my heart away is the day love takes my breath away..."

"Small low fat french vanilla latte', extra foam with no sugar, oh...and a pinch or espresso grinds on top." The sharp eyed business woman demanded.

"Will that be all, ma'am?" Shuichi asked politely.


"Okay. Your total is 396 yen (A.N- About $3.80) ma'am." He typed a few keys and the total was displayed on the small screen. The woman handed him a five.

"Hi-kun! We need a small low fat latte', french vanilla, extra foam, no sugar, espresso grinds." Shuichi called to the long brown haired boy who nodded, quickly pulling out a small cup.

"For here or to go, Shu-chan?!" Hiro called back.

"To go or stay, ma'am?"

"To go." The woman voiced.

"To go, Hiro-kun!"


Business was hefty in the morning's. Especially as early as it was. Business men and women came for a quick coffee fix and left. It was usually thinned out by noon and rise a bit after two p.m, but not much.

Fujisaki's head popped up from behind the backroom door, "Hey Hiro-kun, the stove won't start..." A slow suggestive look ran up Hiro's body, " ...can you fix it...for me?"

Hiro grinned, walking toward the parted door, "Any time, ba-"

"HIRO AND FUJISAKI! YOU INGRATE PERVERTS!" Shuichi yelled, tears in the corner of his eyes.

Hiro glanced back at him, "Sorry Suguru-chan...during break, okay?"

Fujisaki pouted but nodded, sliding back into the kitchen. Shuichi stared at his best friend, scowling, "I hate you."

Hiro laughed, "You'll find someone one day, Shu-chan. Donít worry."

"But Hi-kun...what if I don't?" Shuichi's sober saddened voice brought a sympathetic smile to the brown-haired boys' face.

"Shu-kun, don't worry about it, okay? Don't worry...until then, you have me and Suguru-chan."

"Domo arigatou, Hir-"

"Excuse me, can I order now?!" An irritated feminine voice implied. Both boys turned to her, slightly flushed in embarrassment from being caught not working.

"Gomen nasai, ma'am." Shuichi started, "What would you like to order?"

"Iced coffee, espresso with whole milk and whip cream on top...large." The woman glanced at her gold watch, sighing, "And make it snappy."

It was near noon and business started to slow down. One customer came in almost every half hour.

"Hey Hi-kun," Shuichi called, lounging against the counter. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes. the florescent light hit his face, brightening his already illuminating features.

"Nani?" Came the muffled, breathy reply from the back.

"Hurry up...I'm leaving in fifteen minutes...AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU GUYS MOANING! IT'S GONNA GET STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!" Shuichi yelled, pounding the counter.

Hiro's head popped up from behind the door, cheeks flushed, hair askew, and shoulder's bare, grinning, "We'll try to be more quiet..."

Shuichi growled, "That's not the point!!"


Pleasure filled moans floated from the back room. Shouts of names in utmost ecstasy filled Shuichi's ears. The pink-haired boy groaned, pressing his palm over his ears.


The front door opened as the bells clinked. Shuichi's eyes snapped open. Without glancing at the customer, he lunged at the radio playing soft rock music.

Without thinking, he turned the music up high enough to drown out the inappropriate sex cries.

Shuichi sighed and walked back to the counter, staring at the figures at the door.

Golden locks untidily splayed over the matured, roundly angular face. Matching golden eyes looked around the shop with such cold aloofness...tall, lanky frame, elegantly draped in an expensive Armani suit. Long, lush lip's cradling the butt of the cigarette.

The figure beside the blonde god had no face to Shuichi. He knew now. The blonde took his breath away.

End of Chapter 1

Yeah, my friend, Ruler of Yaoi, made an account on this site under that name, it's just not up yet. When it is though, visit her site! ^-^ She's a really nice person...she's just kinda...perverted at times...so, yeah...that's why the rating is PG-13. If it ever goes to the limit of R or something like that because of her, I'll make sure to edit it to the point where there's nothing graphical, it'll stay PG-13. Honestly, I don't know how she can write that... -.-'

On the next chapter, you might notice a drastic change in the style of writing. I don't think I'm quite up to her writing level and we both think that we suck at it. (Although I bet I'm worse.) So, get used to it. I'll try to write in the style she's set it in. I'm not making any promises though... -.-'

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   New Banner!
I made a new Sasuke Banner for the Sasuke Fan Club, if anyone cares. Here it is.

I already put it on the site. ^-^

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   Islands of Adventure
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I went to IOA today!! I just got home and was checking my PM's when I thought I'd post.

It was so much fun!!! My group didn't have enough time to go on all the rides though. We went to the Hulk first, then Spider Man, then Dr. Dooms fearfall, after that, the arcade right next to it, then we went on both water rides, the Doolittle one and Popye (did I spell that right?!) one. And then we headed over the Jarassic Park and rode the River ride thingy. Then we ate some lunch and one ride on Dueling Dragons. Then we left and came home. We only got to ride the Ice Dragon, not enough time for the Fire one. Too bad, I love Dueling Dragons. Overall, it was so much fun!! ^-^

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   Almost 100 Members!
Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating in a while, I've been busy. Well, this update is to tell everyone that I almost have 100 people in my Kyo-Kun Fan Club! So far, it's 94! So, to celebrate my almost 100 members, I made another Kyo banner! Here it is.

So, join people! So I can finally have 100 members! ^-^

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