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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

School starts on Thrusday. I want it to start. Summer has become like a rasin. I know that is an odd metiphor, but it makes sense to me. Summer has been dried up and we used up all of our things to do. Camp is long over, trips are done, and everyone is out school shopping, and last mintue summer book reading. So nobody has time for fun. Which stinks because this is the end of summer and it is when you should reconnect. Summer seemes so long when I look back on it, but it feels like it went my in a blur. Only a few days not a few months. I dont know maybe I am completly crazy. Maybe nobody feels like me and I am just some lonley blogger with nothing better to do, ut to pour out my feelings on an onnline journak. I dont know I have to go and think and also eat lunch. The rambling with continue another day hopefully actually something meaningfull next time.
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