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Hi I love music and anime they are basically my life. I am new to the Otaku but I love it and I thnk I will upload more and more pictures in the Naruto fan art section. If you ever are bored and want to pm me feel free and go ahead I'll be sure to reply.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

School starts on Thrusday. I want it to start. Summer has become like a rasin. I know that is an odd metiphor, but it makes sense to me. Summer has been dried up and we used up all of our things to do. Camp is long over, trips are done, and everyone is out school shopping, and last mintue summer book reading. So nobody has time for fun. Which stinks because this is the end of summer and it is when you should reconnect. Summer seemes so long when I look back on it, but it feels like it went my in a blur. Only a few days not a few months. I dont know maybe I am completly crazy. Maybe nobody feels like me and I am just some lonley blogger with nothing better to do, ut to pour out my feelings on an onnline journak. I dont know I have to go and think and also eat lunch. The rambling with continue another day hopefully actually something meaningfull next time.
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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ok,so I havent gotten a new camera, but I got a new phone. That phone have a camera in it so I will just use that untill I can get a new one. It has a good camera in it too so I am happy. I started collecting icons too. I figure they and come in handy. I tend to post them on peoples myspaces we I am bored. And I also think that I might just finish watching the Naruto series before school startsand my that timeI wont be able to watch as much any way so it all works out perfectly. I am in a happy ranting mood and I dont like rants. Which is werid because in every blog I post I say I am ranting becuase I just burst because I kno here I can speak my mind and I dont care what people on here think about it because I wont ever meet them. I love blogs ihave this site to blog posting the fan art is a bonus. I think eventually people with comunticate through things like blogs. I mean we all use some form instant messanger. and I amgoing tocut my self off and save it for mynext post!
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

  I am really pissed off. I dont have a scanner so I have ot take a picture of my fan art then upload it to my computer. But my camera broke so now I cant uplaod anymore of my fan art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ok I am completly bored. All of my firends are away doing there last minute summer vactions and I have ead my school reading books and I have nothing better to do but sit on the computer all day. So I am ready to do anything. I dont feel like drawing or anythng which is werid because that it what I do when I do when I am bored. If you read my last post (which I bet nobody reads these things neway) you would no my mixed feelings about the coming of school. And well I am looking forward to school shoping which is odd for me its not that clothes I am looking forward to either is it the books and stuff. I want to start school again so that I cant complain that I have way to much free time on my hands because that is a really wierd that to complain about. I am sadly rambling again and I fear that this time I might not stop so I really g2g now.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

  I an in a really werid mood. I don't want school to start because I love summer, but on the other hand I have that feeling that summer is coming to an end and it sucks. I almost want school to start in some ways it will be easier. My firend will get back from al of their trips and I will see them like every day. I will get into a schedual again and not be going to sleep and 1 am and waking uup and 2pm and then becuase i woke up so late not being able ot fall asleep and continuing the cycle. My mom thinks I have insomnia which I prolly do but w/e so I have to take the herbals stuff before I fall like 20 min before I fall asleep. It works but I still take at like 11 or 12. So in some ways school will be good and it some ways it will be bad I dont want to start thinking about work but i want to see my firend every day. I am so tired right now because my parent woke me up at 10 and I have a killer head ache. This post might not make any sense to anybody so I am going to cut it short and stop my rambling.
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