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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ok,so I havent gotten a new camera, but I got a new phone. That phone have a camera in it so I will just use that untill I can get a new one. It has a good camera in it too so I am happy. I started collecting icons too. I figure they and come in handy. I tend to post them on peoples myspaces we I am bored. And I also think that I might just finish watching the Naruto series before school startsand my that timeI wont be able to watch as much any way so it all works out perfectly. I am in a happy ranting mood and I dont like rants. Which is werid because in every blog I post I say I am ranting becuase I just burst because I kno here I can speak my mind and I dont care what people on here think about it because I wont ever meet them. I love blogs ihave this site to blog posting the fan art is a bonus. I think eventually people with comunticate through things like blogs. I mean we all use some form instant messanger. and I amgoing tocut my self off and save it for mynext post!
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