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Friday, August 18, 2006

  I an in a really werid mood. I don't want school to start because I love summer, but on the other hand I have that feeling that summer is coming to an end and it sucks. I almost want school to start in some ways it will be easier. My firend will get back from al of their trips and I will see them like every day. I will get into a schedual again and not be going to sleep and 1 am and waking uup and 2pm and then becuase i woke up so late not being able ot fall asleep and continuing the cycle. My mom thinks I have insomnia which I prolly do but w/e so I have to take the herbals stuff before I fall like 20 min before I fall asleep. It works but I still take at like 11 or 12. So in some ways school will be good and it some ways it will be bad I dont want to start thinking about work but i want to see my firend every day. I am so tired right now because my parent woke me up at 10 and I have a killer head ache. This post might not make any sense to anybody so I am going to cut it short and stop my rambling.
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