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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   new creations!! ^_^
wahhhh... i havent been on this for a very long time! i am apologise for all my friends out there! it is has been so hectic...there has been a lot happening at the moment... u know bf takin up most of my spare time and i have loads of coursework to do...and well i have left it to the last minute! so i am like so dead! it is in for tuesday! and i havent done even a quarter of it!! the stress is slowly building up! ... ahh...head is gunna explode! .. i also havent been able to get enough sleep! it is actually ridiculous! argh! welll...yeah i have been able to produce something for myotaku! hehe..welll they are quite cool... not the best in the world! but i got xmas! to increase and produce some funky things!

loosing myself

fearless - ichigo

hehe there they are! hope u like them!! ^_^ please leave any comments on my work

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

{in love....}
hehe...yah!! i finally created something...after long being too lazy ...well i have finally got a boyfriend!! whom i love and cherish with all my heart because he is just sooo amazin.... just fallin for him over and over again...he is the one that makes me smile non stop ^^... i love u honey!! MWAH!! ... well he inspired me to make this

i love u...

....Well enjoy....

*hehe i know he is readin this .. lol ... nosey..lol but all i wanted to say I LOVE U!!!!!!!!...*

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

hehe...fallin in love... hehe such a cool thing....aww... ^^....*giggles*...okies enough of my very girly moment! i finally had a chance to actually create something which is quite amazing.. i was more of testing out new skills.. on photoshop, so it may seem familiar to all my previous friends..who know my digi art well...at least i created something right *^^*

purple eyes

Silent dreams

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Friday, November 25, 2005

  AHHH i have been so bad!! i havent been on this page for so long... i apologise to all my friends >__< it has been a bad week and very long ...so i havent had a chance to sit bk to relax....but i am slowly fallin in love again...so things are beginning to be better *^^* i might be able to spend some time to create some things! soo wicked stuff ^^...well got to go now...lesson time!! i need SLLEEEPPPPP
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Friday, November 18, 2005

  aww i havent been on myotaku site in such a long tym! i am really sorry there isnt any time for me to make anything! i have been really bad - i am not managing my work ... it has been an emotional week...but i got a really cute picture... but i dun think i will be on my otaku much since i need to sort things out! but i will try my hardest 2 upd8 this page

hehe...cool isnt he!

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