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Thursday, August 26, 2004

   So Tired...
today felt very long. school finished at 12:45 but it felt like we finished at 3. thats how boring it was today. nothing much happened except getting lectured by our math teacher about habits and stuff. this is what he said "What u think is what u say, what u say leads to doing that action, what action u do turns into a habit, what habits u have turns u into the character u have, and what character u have reflects upon your future." then he told us this joke.

the eyes told the body that he was the leader. "i am the leader cuz i am the one that sees the world." then the mouth said "i am the leader cuz i am the one that communicates with the world." then the ears said "i am the leader cuz without me u cant do your jobs. then the asshole said "i am the leader." the other three said "u cant be the leader!" "if i cant be leader, then im gonna go on strike!" said the asshole. then the bodily functions were all fucked up. so the eyes, ears, and mouth said that the asshole could be the leader.

it had something to do with working together or something. cant quite remember.

at 12:45 school finished. planned on going to pearl ridge with my three idiot friends and meeting up with barbara. she got there at like three. so i was cruising with my three idiot friends at the food court by the movies acting like we were stoned. checking out chicks, but there was so little bit people there. then met up with barbara for a little while and talked. then we left at around 3:30. caught bus and took us an hour and a half to get home.

and now im sitting here thinking about what school is going to be like tomorrow cuz its gonna be a normal schedule day.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

the first day of school is finally over. it was so fucking boring and stupid. woke up and got ready for school. left for the bus stop at like 6:30 thinking that it was going to be full of freshmen. when we got on the bus, the bus was really empty.WTF? there were barely any freshmen! got to school, found out where my homeroom and my friends homeroom class was then went wlaking around to find my friends homeroom class which was all the way on the other side of the campus. we found it and started heading back. when we got to the cafteria these two samoans asked us if we were freshmen. we told them we were juniors and just walked away. went cruising in one of my old terachers rooms until the bell rang.

Period 1-English 3
Period 2-Modern Hawaiian History Honors
Period 3-Banking and Credit
Period 4-Physics PSSC
Period 5-Algebra 3
Period 6-Japanese 1
Period 7-Electricity and Electronics

i forgot what electives i wanted and i think that these are all the ones that i signed up for. i dont like my english class cuz there are too many stupid people. i was supposed to be in this American Literature class but the administration messed everything up. even my friends that signed up for it didnt get it. and my algebra 3 class is full of juniors and seniors but the juniors outnumber the seniors. we're probably smarter too. but yeah, there are so many people in that one class that the teacher has to talk over everyone before people start to shut up.

long first day of school. im glad tomorrow is a wednesday. short day! we finish at 12:45. YAY!

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

woke up and went straight to playing DDR. then i called my friend to see what he was doing today. he was going to go to the ROV meeting that he only found out the time last night. so i went down to his house and we went to one of the other guys house to get a ride to the school. went to snug harbor after to check out the robot to see if it still worked. we first had to set up all the wires and plugs. we couldnt figure out how to get the cameras to show up on the monitor that we had. until bryce found the video button. or at least i think thats what it was. and we finally had everything set up for tomorrow when we do a demo at the grand opening of the kapolei library. then we got to go eat lunch at mcdonalds. one of the guys treated. rich bastard. carrying a hundred dollar bill in his shoe. then our supervisor took us to pearl ridge cuz thats where everyone said they were going. went cruising and checking out chicks, not a much as ala moana though. then came back home and played more DDR. later i got to go get my hair cut. its nice to have my hair short again. i can spike it again! so yeah, kinda an unordinary day.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

   So bored today
all i can do today is stay home to play video games, watch tv, and stare at my computer. cant go anywhere cuz my brother and sister finish school early and i have to check their homework. so junk. and i cant control them either. its like as soon as they get home they go crazy. oh well, i guess i might as well go lift weights for now.

YAY! i finally finished my summer reading assignment thingy. took so long just for write down all the passages. im pooped. well, im glad that i finished it. now i have the rest of the week and the weekend to go out and hang with friends or do something besides staying home and doing work.

yo! anyone else got a xanga. if u do, lemme know and i'll stop by or u could stop by. my xanga is LiTtLe_BoReD_AzN.

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   So fun today
playing DDR all morning an kicking bryce's ass. he sucks. it was nice and cool to go outside to play some soccer but as soon as we decided to go play it started raining. we went outside to play anyways. fucking bryce. such a wuss. didnt want to play cuz he would get wet. kicking the soccer ball around in the rain. jumping in the water that was flowing to the gutter next to the curb and making a big splash. hit a couple more cars but luckily the alarms didnt go off.
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Monday, August 16, 2004

one week left before school starts. i better make the best of it. but i dont know what to do. all i can think of doing for this last week of summer is finishing up my summer reading, watching tv, playing video games and sleeping. so yeah, theres not much to do.

yesterday i had to wake up at five thirty this morning to get ready for 18 holes of golf at the Waikele country club. i set my alarm for five but it never went off. so my dad had to wake me up. i think i did pretty good cause some of the guys that my dad plays golf with were shooting in the high 80s and i shot a 91. so yeah, not bad i guess. more than half the day gone because of going golfing

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

it hasnt even been one week since i last saw most of my friends from the trip and i already miss them. its like i cant stop thinking about eveyone. my friends from the trip were like faimily to me. i think that i was closer to them than any of my friends that i knew since elementary school. stupid emotions. making feel like this. but on the baseball field, i have no emotions. why cant it be like that when im alone? then i wouldnt have to go through all of this shit!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

today started like any other boring day of my life until my friend came over. we watched some tv and then we decided to listen to some songs. haha. then we found songs that william hungs sang. we were listening to all of them and cracking up at the same time. so funny. then i got bored again. so boring now. i gotta find somthing to do. i went to go visit my friend when she was at soccer practice. haha. right after they finished running, she took a crap. so funny. then they had to run. she was so slow. oh, i was also kicking the soccer ball around with my friend on the basketball courts. then my sister ran right into the middle of where we were kicking the ball. so i decided to kick the ball and make it hook around her. she was looking down too, so i figured that it wouldnt hit her in the face. but instead of it hooking around her, she looked up and it hooked right into her face. it was fucking hilarious. even she was laughing.
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Monday, August 2, 2004

   Dum, Dum, Dummmm

today, let's see...spent the morning playing video games, then went up to the royal kunia golf course with several of my idiotic friends. didn't go to play on the course cause i knew that they weren't going to let us. cause we might "ruin the course." so i just told my friends that we were going to the driving range and chipping/putting green. my hitting was better than it was on sunday. my friends didn't know that they needed collared shirts and had to go borrow some. we then went to the driving range after we bought the tokens to get the golf balls. only me and one of my friends were going to hit and the other two were going to go putt. well, what do you know, it fucking starts raining as soon as we started hitting. the two guys that were putting went to hide under the tree but me and the other guy kept on hitting. then when we ran out of balls we went to go putt. fucking dumbasses. they were whacking the ball all over the place and acting like little kids. we were there from twelve and left at around four i think. it was all good except for it being so fucking muggy. started sweating before we even started hitting.

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Friday, July 30, 2004

   It's here!
the post for my trip is up. it took me the whole day to get it done cuz i was trying to remember what we did each day...yeah right. i was using my itinerary to get the stuff that we did that was planned and then i recalled other stuff that we did on that day. but yeah, it did take me the whole day. so u people who said that u would read it better read it and leave comments.
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