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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

today yearbooks come out only for the poeple who bought inserts. so stupid. us seniors only have 7 days left of school and i still never get mine. jeez. the seniors shouldget first priority.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i forget how post comments on people pages... so sad... but i got it backthanks to the help of my friend in florida, dany
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i am back! again... haha. havent been on since march??? how long is that? 1 year 2 months since i last posted. well, not as bad as before. i guess i shall start making new friends.
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Sunday, March 6, 2005

its been a long while since i even visited this page. i havent been really keeping up. only been on xanga. so yeah. its nice to see this old page
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Sunday, September 5, 2004

went to doctors to get physical done. but i didnt need to get one yet cuz it hasn't been twelve calendar months. i still got until october before i need to take my physical. but i'll have to take one anyway if i want to play golf, if there is a golf team this year. and for tennis, i can still use my physical from last year. oh, and u know what i found out last year, they changed the physicals. they added in more questions because of the injury that i had in my freshman year. then went to work. made $20. later that night my family went to my grandparents house to play cards. i just played video games the whole time.

i am going to my aunties house to go swimming.she has her own pool. thats not fair! she has a pool and shes never going to use it unless my family comes over. so i'm gonna get a tan hopefully.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Japanese class
watashi no namae wa Jeremy desu.
watashi wa tabemono ga suki desu.
watashi wa ame ga suki ja nai desu.
watashi wa nemasu ga hoshii desu.
watashi wa shukudai ga hoshii ku nai desu.
itsu ka watashi nihon ni ikimasu.
did i get it correct? im not sure. i gotta study.

well, yeah another ordinary day at school. blah, blah, blah...
jo mata

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Monday, August 30, 2004

what a day! classes went by fast cuz they're only 50 minutes today. but we go to six classes instead of four on tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays. but still it went by fast. i wish our classes everyday were 50 minutes long. it would be so awesome. so anyways, school goes by fast today, the school bus comes early to pick us up. EARLY?! after school??? the school bus??? i dont think so... something is wrong. sure enough, when i get home i try to open the garage with the garage door opener. "FUCK! its not opening. what the hell?!" so then i had to wait for my dad to get home after i called him to tell him that the garage wasnt opening. he got home. there was a handle on the garage that is supposed to be vertical but it was horizontal. that handle locks the garage. so i took a look at it. fuck, it was horizontal. someone must have changed the position of the handle without us knowing. it had to have beenwhile we were gone today. so we had to break through one of the windows. eventually got in. but it took around 30 minutes.so now im here doing my homework and listening to the radio.
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Saturday, August 28, 2004

im finally making money for my trip to california during december. im going during winter vacation so that i can go snowboarding. its gonna be the shitz! it gonna cost $400 for the plane tickets(roundtrip), not bad yeah, then $60 for the lift for the whole day, and i dunno about the rest but i know i can make enough money before december. i made $85 in about three hours selling old games that i didnt want and helping cut and clean up a mango tree. made $70 selling old games that i didnt want but i had to split the money with my brother, so i only got $35. then made $50 cutting and cleaning up the mango tree. now i can pay bryce back the $33 i owe him. then next week i can go make more money. i'll have enough money for the trip by december.
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today is friday. no school for two hole days! i can sleep in again. YAY! i dont know what else to write about. oh yeah! haha. i play the pokemon trading card game. its fun now. i guess its because thats how bored i am. haha. so chronic. i must be stoned or something. too much school and waking up early.

solve these problems in this form: y-k=a(x-h)
1. y=x+2x-8
2. y=x-4x+3
3. y=2x-4x-2
simple, yeah? and we're doing this for algebra 3. this is my homework for math.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

slowly getting back used to it. what i still cant understand is why all of the freshmen are so fucking short! all the freshmen in my japanese class are all just barely taller than me, cuz i'm short, or short enough for me to see right over them. i know what short is cuz i am short! but now, i dont know. something must be wrong with them. well, yeah, getting back to school. still getting used to it. teachers still blabbing about rules and how they're gonna run the class, etc. so boring. only my math, history and japanese class is fun. our math teacher tell us funny shit about the 7 habits that we're supposed to know. "The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens."

1. be proactive
2. begin with the end in mind
3. put first things first
4. think win-win
5. seek first to understand
6. synergize
7. sharpen the saw

so he goes through all this relating it to real life situations. and when he does, everyone actually shuts up and pays attention and kinda stays interested. in history class we did like a small scavenger hunt thing to get to know everyone. but we practically know everyone cuz we were all in the same class from seventh grade except for some people that joined the honors class this year. then, in japanese class, we already started on basic speaking. so funny cuz almost everyone in the class are filipino and they have a hard time pronouncing everything. so inside my head, im cracking up. one guy, actually didnt know how to pronounce anything.

so everything is cruise right now. nothing that is hard. so the first week is almost done and its been kinda good.

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