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Hey! Welcome to my site. Been here for a while, nearly a year I guess. I've got some good friends here at theotaku. Yep. Anyways, I'd love ya forever if you checked out my comics and wallpapers and blah. I'm a big fan of anime. I've even filled up my fav anime category. List time!

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Yep, a few of the old shows that I still love. Anyways, if you sign my gb be warned that I might not post in yours. TT TT I have alot to catch up to. Thanks for your time and enjoy yourself... for now. -evil laughter-

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Thursday, November 1, 2007


I went Trick-Or-Treating for the last time last night. I got SO much! <3 I'm thinking of L right now for some reason, though he's yet to appear in Death Note. (I'm only on the second eppy. XD)

So, yesterday we could dress in out costumes. -nods- I couldn't 'cause it made me look fat 'cause it was 3 sizes too big. (SUPER PLUS SIZE! I'm a friggin small/medium.) My friend dressed as Edward Elric (I almost hugged him), someone dressed as Luffy and 3 people dressed as Team Rocket. I couldn't be Lacus because my parents wouldn't let me make my costume. T_T

So, I was a geisha. I went around my neighborhood and to the places where there were only a few people. Where there was like no one, I got all their candy 'cause no one came. <3 I was alone too. But I didn't mind it. Some people tried to scare me (I tis afraid of nothing! Muhahahaha) and I also ran into a few people from my school. Near the end of my trip though, a little 4 year old put a freezy in my bag and gave me a hug. <3 It was SO kawaii. <333333

Yeah, also, I got a dress for Semi. -nods- And I bought my ticket. My dress has yet to arrive though. I NEED IT FOR NEXT WEEK! Rawr! -bites peoples' heads- Oh! And I'm still working on those drawings. ^^;

Yeah, I've been really busy. Actually, I should be working on my project. -shifty eyes- I also need to work on my CPT for Civics this weekend. My exam is on the 15th! T_T

Yep. Story of my life. Been working on one of my comics too. Light and Shadows. I've been doing new character designs and stuff. As soon as I have some time, I'll put them up. I just wish I had screen tones. -shifty eyes- -sneaks off to download some-

So does Shakugan no Shana II and Bleach 146!
(I watched it like 10 mins ago)

Ja Ne!
(Comment or die)

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