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Konnichiwa! It's me D-Chan! Not much to say really, except that I'm never really on. Only when I think to check up. But feel free to look around I guess.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

   My New Description..
Okay, so the site is being a mega bish and won't let me change any info... and since I sound like a HELLA noob in said info, I'll just change it HERE.

♥Yo ;D. It's me, Devin, D-Chan, D-Rock, or just puppybreath. I'm a small girl with a HUGE personality. So, let me name some basic info.
♥I'm 5'3" with deep blue eyes and blond and black hair. I'm a soft-more in high school. I'm in marching band, yearbook staff, concert band, and hope to join the art and anchor club. I'm currently taken by the most hilarious, beautiful, smartest, most amazing girl EVER. I love her so frikkin much. I'm bi lol. Um, I play guitar, flute, piano, and recorder. I'm constantly either reading, drawing, writing, doing something music related, or just hanging out my friends.
♥I'm a christian, and I'm extremely proud of it. I'm often doing something to help out around church. My favorite thing to do is teach arts and crafts at Vacation Bible School. I love letting the kids be creative, and teaching them about our God along the way :].
♥I'm a major geek. The only reason I turn on the tv is to watch either GLEE, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Merlin, Flapjack, Chowder, or anime. Also, just about every show I watch... I read the books that go along with them lol. Doctor Who is most def. my favorite series (book wise). The eleventh doctor is my fave. Because bow ties are cool XD. Then it's the tenth doctor... the bla dee bla. My most favorite tv show is Glee. I absolutely LOVE that show. It's not just for the show though. It has sentimental meaning to me (will explain below). I could go on for hours.
♥When I get older I either want to be an animator, writer, kindergarten teacher, high school band director, or high school art teacher. Wide variety, I know lol. I just HATE deciding on such a big choice so early in life, you know??
♥Well, I better end this now before I drain whatever's left of your mind. Thanks for reading.
Live long and prosper ;D ♥

But before I go. I want to take time and thank someone I love.
When I was younger, sixth grade to be exact, I had absolutely no meaning in my life. I was just a little emo kid who everyone loved to push down the hall and make fun of. But, that year, someone very important stepped into my life. It was my band director, Mrs. Broadhurst. She taught me that I should stick up for myself, and that I need to be who I want to be, not what someone else wants. She taught me how to be brave, and how to be myself. She also gave me the most important thing in my life. Music. Before then, I thought music was just notes on a page. Now, my whole life revolves around my music. It's my passion. Mrs. B is like the mom I wish I had. She's given me advice, and she's supported me in everything.
But now, she's quitting. She's not going to a different school, she wouldn't betray us like that. But, I won't tell you why she is. I don't think she wants it all over the web. She has a good reason for leaving, and we all understand. She will be missed. Immensely. I just want to express how much I love this woman, and how glad I am to have her in my life. She's my role model. She's given me the courage to express myself, and she taught me the joys of music. I am forever grateful, and I just want to tell her thank you for everything she has done for me.
I love you, Mrs. B. :]
P.S. Will you name the baby after me?? Or at least close to my name... How about Seven?? That's what I want to name my little boy when I decide to have one. After marriage of course... unless I'm feeling like being the runny cheese in the hot pocket, again lmao. I'll miss you, Mrs. B. lol ^_^♥

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ok hey people. I'm here to deliver some news.

1) Go to YouTube and watch the fanime Nonsence World! It's great. Plus I'm the voice of Minabi xD

2) CHAMELEON CIRCUIT!!!! Look them UP! They are the BEST!!!!

and that's it xD have fun

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

aint he cute ^-^
chibi deidara

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Monday, June 23, 2008

   IM BAK!!! XD
WUTZ UP PPLZ!!! IM BAAA-AAAK!! ive been addicted 2 GaiaOnline 4 a while but n0w ill b addicted 2 b0th!! XD if ur ever 0N gaia mt user name is: blondeskater13 !!!! aight!? well im happy 2day and im hyper!! XP :o XD :D D: FWEE!!!! my art haz g0tten MUCH better btw! 0 and i AM n0t the age it sayz fyi! ((0bvi0usly, . . .((me is 13)!!)) TEEHEE!! XD byebyez <333
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