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HI!! Im Sharito!!!i like jrock and i luv meeting other people that luv jrock too..im in luv wit pandas, and of course yaoi!!!! My fav band is An Cafe!!!
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Saturday, May 5, 2007


man how long has it since ive been online?
well sorry about that!!!soooo yesterday i went to this carnival at my skool!! it was soo much fun!!!!im going again tommorow!!!!!
my fav ride is the zipper!!it so crazy..i got bruises!WEEEE
im gonna wear liberty spikes tommorow so my friends will knoe where i am!!!jejejejeeje talk to me yeah?ohhhhh watch my video!! its hilarious

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Soo ready to hear about my day!!!!!?Well in the morning my Godmother called and said my uncle(which i never knew him) died cause this huge box fell on him;sumthin like that..i dunno?So yeah it sucks!!!!and well i cant stop thinking about Chad,he wasnt on aim today, so we didnt talk about what happened 2 days ago.Well he cant come to my house tommorow cause the accident.Ive noticed when someone dies in my mother's side of the family, we talk to eachother?WHAT THE HELL..maybe we should kill someone and get united everyday!HURRAY!!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In love

WEll SORRY I DIDNT COMMENT U GUYS!!I read them but i didnt comment..what the hell?Well today i went to the movies wit my friends(and one of them I like soo much) some of u may know him..HIS NAME IS ¢¾CHAD¢¾!!weeee..we have been fwends since 5th grade and now i like him....NOOOOOOOO he invited me to go to the movies wit him.(but we werent alone) and we watched Blades of glory..man it was sooo funny!! well see yah

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