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Hello there!! Let's see here...*looks at her notecards*
OK! Get ready for my oh so boring welcome to my page speech!
Well I have recently discovered I'm quite good at drawing realism and anime AND OMG
I LOVE WAFFLES!!*twitch*
I just decided to fix up my site
but it would be cool if someone decided to help me...*hint hint* well...
*drops her note cards* argh...well...this is where someone would insert a witty comment...
**doesnt have a witty comment**
*picks up notecards*
well be sure to sign my gb and look at my art!
PM me anyt- *notecards catch on fire for no apparent reason* Well blast i guess my speech is over...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

usernames can be deceiving...
Ok some people have been on my case about my name but NUTS as in ACORNS!!! ok if you still have a problem i have another account but i would hate you forever if i had to resort to changing accounts T.T
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ahh.. i was hoping to be Hiei but thats ok, Yusuke is good to. I really wanted supreme dominion over the mortal world though...
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