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Hey everyone, thanx 4 visiting my site! My name is Cara, I'm a huge, and I mean HUGE anime fan, and Iím addicted 2 video games. I luv to talk about, watch and play it. I happen 2 be a big Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Onimusha, and Zelda fan(all series). So if ur one 2, just PM me (or try, they really need 2 fix that) Iím all ears, or eyes. ^__^

As it's been said, it is very rare 2 find a girl interest in these things, but hey, it's a lot of girls that's like me. Theyíre just unique and hard 2 find. And I happen 2 b one of them! Lol On this site u will learn more about me, games, and anime! If u have any questions u will like 2 ask about me, this site and anime, please fill free 2 ask. So sign my guestbook. And if ya have some free time on ya hands, feel free and check out my artwork. Come on, u know u wanna. ^__^

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My name, Ticara, translated into Japanese is: Taikera (see the pronounciation guide).
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

OMG I haven't been here in ages! Jesus, well still won't be here 4 a while (just give me a while k?). But I came just 2 say happy new year 2 myo and I hope 2 come back real, REAL soon! Chao, muah!
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hi u guys! I finished the rest of my test yesterday, so I'm on my summer vacation! YAY!!! Hehe, now it's time 2 look 4 a summer job. *sigh* It's good cause then I can buy more video games. Hehe...I really need a new game. Anything new that's happened in my life...hmm...I did meet a certain guy. His name is David, he's sooooo cute, he might be a keeper. I really like him, but I must confess that I might like my ex bf Ryan more than him. Of course I knew Ryan longer than David, and with the info I found about him, I can't talk 2 him like I used to. So we'll just have 2 see how far it will go.
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