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Okay guys I'm really back now. I know I've been gone a loooong time, I've been extremly buisy with work, and school, so srry, but I'm back. Well if any of u r really reading this yipee....but yeah if ur reading this pm me if you have myspace or MSN. kk I've got both of them now so yeah. I also have yahoo, so if ya have any of thoose pm me. Well I'll c ya sometime. Bye-byes

Thursday, November 9, 2006

3rd Part Of Story
Hey guys. I got enough feedback to tell me that I needed another part of the story. so here it is. The only way I know to post more is by the comments so hopefully u know what that means. Anyways here it is.


"And what’s a pretty little thing like you doing this far out in the forest.” One of the guys whispered in my ear. My body was immobilized and I was shaking with fear. Everybody else ran screaming the whole way out of the woods.
“He he. Some more people to kill.” The figure that was behind me said.
“Vincent lets just keep her hostage and call it a day. After all she is the one were after. Right?” The red haired guy said. I had no clue what he meant by “the one were after.” I was afraid it was something really bad.
“Fine.” The Vincent guy said. He was whispering something in a different language to himself. It wasn’t any language that sounded familiar to me, and I would know. I’ve studied 15 different languages. Then suddenly the blonde guy came up to me and picked me up.
“Hey what are you doing? Let me go!!” I said, not knowing what he was going to do with me.
“Don’t worry. We’re just going to take you to our lair. Beyond that waterfall”
“Are you crazy!!? The only thing behind the waterfall is a small cave. Nothing more. If there was a castle there I’m sure I would’ve seen it.”
“Well that’s why I said that spell. I didn’t say it for my health ya know.” Vincent said in a joking manner. But I really wasn’t in a joking mood. I struggled to get away from the blonde guy, but he kept a strong grip on me.
“I really was hoping not to use this on you but I really have no choice.” The blonde guy said while reaching into his pocket and pulling out neon colored bracelet. He then put it on me. “It might hurt for a little bit, and then you will be knocked out. Don’t worry you’ll wake up after a bit.” After a few seconds the pain that he told me about came. It was the most unbearable pain I’d ever felt before. I screamed in pain as my world started going dark. I was terrified at that moment. I wondered where I would wake up. I wondered if they would keep me in a dungeon or in an actual room. I was so clueless. Just before I was totally out of it, I heard the blonde guy say “I’m sorry.” As a tear trickled down his face.
“So Chris why were you crying earlier when you had that girl?” I heard just as I was starting to regain consciousness.
“I wasn’t crying Vincent. It was one little tear okay, and that was because I can’t stand to hurt or see any girl in pain.”
“Whatever Chris. But you know she might be your last chance, if we could just find the crystal then you would be safe. We were lucky that she bumped into us instead of us having to go to her house and taking her from there.” The red head said while looking at me then looking back at Chris. I was still acting like I was asleep.
“Yeah we only have about 3 months to find that snow crystal. Hopefully she cooperates with the job she has. For my sake and hers. Ya know what I mean Tyler?
“Yeah I do. I mean who knows what will happen. You might turn into a killer like last time, or you might go one level up. Its gonna be bad anyway you look at it so if we don’t get you cured you might even kill her.”
“Yeah. Hey she’s moving.” Chris said as I was just starting to sit up. “Do you feel okay?” He asked me. He didn’t seem like he wanted to do anything to hurt me. The other two guys were just staring at me. It made me feel a little awkward so I just stared at my hands as I was fiddling nervously with my fingers. “Well if you need anything just ring this bell and me, Tyler, or Vincent will come to help you.
“Umm could I only have you come please?” I said in a timid voice still looking down at my fingers, to scared to look any of them in the eyes.
“Well sure. My name is Chris, the black haired one is Vincent, and the red head is Tyler. I am an angel, Vincent is a Vampire, and Tyler is a Demon. Okay?”
“Yeah.” I said to Chris but still not looking anywhere but my hands. I was trembling like crazy; I was so overwhelmed by what was going on that I felt like I could burst into tears. “Thanks.”
“Well were going to leave you alone for about two hours, that should give you enough time to shower, get dressed, and do whatever else. It’ll be lunch time when you’re done so Chris will probably escort you to the dinning hall.” Tyler said to me but I still would not move at all. My eyes were fixated on my hands. I had so many feelings running through me that I didn’t even know I could feel, but all I know is that I don’t ever want to feel that again. I said nothing as they left the room and locked the door behind them probably to make sure that I would stay in the castle.
“So I have to get ready for lunch already. I guess I missed breakfast. Well whatever.” I said as I was starting to get out of bed to go take a shower.
“Why, out of all the people in the world, it was me that had to be taken here?” I said in an angry voice while examining the room I was in. It was a beautiful room. The bed was absolutely beautiful. It was a kind of baby blue color with roses embedded all over it. The head frame was up against the wall in the middle of the room. It had a beautiful vines and roses embedded on it as well. The bed was a queen size but seemed bigger. Probably because my bed at home was very small. At the foot of the bed were at least 15 teddy bears in a nice neat arrangement. To either side of the bed was a nightstand with a lamp, and alarm clock on each stand. There was a door on the right side of the room that led to the balcony, and there was another door right beside that one. The other one lead to an enormous walk in closet. To the left of the room was a bathroom that was also pretty big. It had marble tile flooring, dark blue wallpaper, an elegant shower, and a portrait of Vincent, Chris, and Tyler in it. “Aw they all look so happy in that picture.” I said while I was getting ready for my shower. “Okay hopefully they have shampoo, conditioner and soap in the shower.” I said while stepping into the shower. “Yes!” I said once I saw those three things in the shower.
After I got done in the shower, I walked into the closet. “Wow. They have my size and style of clothes. Every single thing I like is here. How’d they know what size and style of clothes I liked?” I said in a puzzled voice. The outfit I picked out was a pink shirt with a heart and two stars on it, and some plain blue jeans. The shoes were white tennis shoes. I also picked out a sapphire heart necklace. “Okay now what should I do? They locked the door so I can’t get out that way. How bout the balcony? I could tie some fabric together to make a rope.” I then walked towards the double doors leading to the balcony. “Okay lets see how much fabric I’ll need.” I said while opening the doors to see how far up off the ground I was. “Whoa I guess that rules out that theory. Look at the trees. They look like little ants. I bet I’m at least 100 feet off of the ground. Well while I’m waiting might as well do my hair.” I then went towards the bathroom to fix my hair. I was just going to put it in a ponytail since I had a minimal amount of time. Just as I was doing that Chris came out of nowhere and scared me half to death.
“So are we done yet?” Chris said as I was just turning around to leave the bathroom. He was hanging from the ceiling.
“Ouch. You scream pretty loud chick. Don’t worry It’s just me, Chris. No body suspicious.” He said as he slowly got off of the ceiling and on to the floor. “Sorry if I scared you, I couldn’t help myself.” He said trying to get me to say something. I just looked down and tried to avoid from looking at him. “Hmm your kinda shy. Heh you kinda remind me of someone I used to know. Well I won’t rush you. You’re probably overwhelmed by all of this. Don’t worry you will get any explanation after supper. Okay?” Chris said while raising my chin forcing me to look at him. He actually looked like a really nice guy. His hair came up above his eyes and was short in the back. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and some jeans. The shoes were some white tennis shoes with some type of symbol on the outside of either shoe. His eyes were a beautiful baby blue color, but as I was looking into his eyes I caught a faint glimpse of a fire. It was very slight but I saw a dark side of him just waiting to break free. After seeing that inferno in his eyes I quickly looked away. “Well its time to go to lunch. Everyone is waiting for us.”
As Chris was going to open the door I gathered up enough courage to talk to him.
“So. Um. Chris.”


Okay so rememmber coments. Umm hope u liked it. thankx for everyone who is reading this. Ill post as soon as I get a comment k....i know Im soooo EVIL. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SO EVIL MAKIN PPL LEAVE COMENTS. o thats bad. hehe.

~Princess Zoey~

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   My AMV: Naruto-Atrophy by: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Heres my new AMV. well kinda old now but still an AMV. the songs Atrophy by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. If u havent heard of them they r awsome. If u like screamo and rock then here is a great song. Its got a great beat and great lyrics to. leave comments plz and if u have any tips that would be great. thanks a ton. bye bye.

~Princess Zoey~

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Monday, October 2, 2006

   2nd part of story
YIPEE 2nd part. WOOT WOOT. not really but thoose of u who have been following along with the story. Good for you now go buy urself a bag of Doritos and eat them while ur readin to reward urself. Well anyways heres the second part of the story so be happy and comment pitty plz. kk here ya r.
The school day went by extremely fast. Yuki, Alex, Courtney, Ashley and Sakura all road home on the bus with me. Of course Yuki asked the same question that she always does.
“So Liz what are we going to do at your house first?”
“That’s so like you Yuki. You always ask that no matter who’s house you’re going to.” Courtney said with a smile on her face trying not to laugh.
“Your point?”
“Never mind.”
“Heh. Well Yuki I have to go to the forest behind my house to take some pictures for the report we’re doing in science. Don’t tell my mom but there’s a waterfall in the woods. Last time I was there I saw something, a figure through the mist of the waterfall. It looked like a guy, and he had red eyes. I was to chicken to stay and see what it was so if I see him again I won’t run. Unless of course he tries to kill me.” I said jokingly.
Ashley was unusually quite that day. Usually she and Courtney are the jabber mouths.
“Hey Ashley why aren’t you talking that much today?” Sakura asked Ashley. Sakura’s the quite one that hardly ever talks. “I just know that it’s against your nature. All talkative and stuff is what I mean.” Sakura said to Ashley trying to get an answer from her.
“Oh it’s nothing really. It’s just that something happened last night.” Ashley said in a timid voice.
“Really what happened?” I asked her. I was really curious about the matter because nothing bad ever happens to Ashley, and I mean ever.
She was really skilled in martial arts to protect herself, and she also was freakishly smart. So I wondered what could ever happen to her. Unfortunately she didn’t answer me.
“Whatever. Just let her go guys.” Yuki said in her usual calm voice. She never was surprised or concerned about anything.
We then pulled up to my driveway. We all got off, went to my room and put our stuff on the floor. Went to the kitchen to tell my mom we were heading, and then we went to the woods where I would be taken to the castle behind the waterfall.
“So is this place as cool as I think it’s gonna be Liz?”
“Well that depends on what you think it’ll look like Courtney.”
“I bet it’s gonna be a normal old waterfall with water coming down from the top of it. Yay. Oh ah. Pretty whatever.” Yuki said. As usual she didn’t really care. I think her mom made her come because if it were her choice she would probably be home talking on the Internet, or playing her videogames.
“That’s the typical Yuki. Never giving a damn.” Ashley said. Everyone then laughed including me. At that moment I was distracted and took a wrong turn. 30 minutes passed and we all were hungry.
“Are you sure you know where you’re going Liz?” Courtney asked. She can get really annoying sometimes.
“Yes at least I think I do. I’ve only been back here a thousand times. Everyone just stop and listen. See if you can hear anything.”
“Hey I can hear the waterfall. It’s coming from that way.” Sakura said while pointing north.
“Great. Good job Sakura.” I said while running north with everyone behind me.
When we got there I saw three figures instead of just one. I was too terrified even to move, and everyone stopped behind me. “Everyone get behind that bush.” I said while pointing to a bush just to my right. “Well here goes nothing, wait wasn’t there three of them just a little bit ago.” I said to myself. There were only two figures walking straight towards me.
Yipee. well um yeah. COMMENT NOW. or my cow will devour your soul. So comment, or be killed. JP.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ok guys heres the story that I've been talking about. I don't really have a title so if theres any suggestions feel free to tell me. kk here it is

Dear Journal,

This might be my last entry of my life. That’s because tonight they will probably find me. This is my first journal in a few years, and that’s because I have just returned from that horrible place. My last entry was about 3 years ago. Right before I was suddenly abducted. The date was February 7, 2006, my birthday. I was turning 14. I remember that day, and few years like it was yesterday.
“Coming Liz. Just give me a minute.” The days always started like that, but today was a little different. “Okay honey what do you need?” Mom said as I was fixing my hair. I was straightening it that day. See my hair is usually curly. I always dress up a little more than usual on my birthday.
“Huh? Oh yeah.” I said while rushing over to my dresser. “Okay mom which outfit should I wear?” I always asked my mom what I should wear every morning before school. I was holding up two outfits. The first outfit had a black T-shirt with a pink heart that had vines wrapping around it. There was also a skirt with it. It was a really cute skirt to. It was black with a really cool belt, and the shoes were black leather that laced up the middle. The second outfit was one of my favorites. It was a plain black halter top with pink jewels and glitter all around it. The jeans were pretty cool to. They were just regular blue jeans, but they had jewels all over them. The jewels made a rose design at the bottom of the left leg. I stuck with the same shoes for that outfit. They were my favorite pair.
“Hmm…I think you should go with the second choice.” Mom said in an agitated voice. “Can I get back to making your cake now?”
“Yeah sure.” I said in a cocky voice. “Geez what’s her deal? She totally needs to take a chill pill. I mean it’s not like I pulled her away from anything important. It’s not like I asked for a huge part on my birthday.” I said after she left the room. Then I headed downstairs to pack my book bag. “Hmmm. Now what was it that Collin wanted me to bring today? Oh my mixed CD.” I said to myself.
“Hi honey.”
“Holly shi..dad don’t sneak up behind me like that. You scared the crap outta me.” I said in a startled voice. “Hey do you know where Jason is?”
“Ummm…well last time I saw him he was in his bedroom talking on his cell with Claire. Why?”
“So that’s where that went. Why does he always steal my phone? Doesn’t he ever charge his? Urrg.” “JASON!!” I yelled while storming up the stairs to Jason’s room.
“So what time do a want me to come over tonight?” I then took the phone out of his hands. “Hey.” Jason said while trying to get the phone back.
“Hi Claire. Bye Claire.” I said to Jason’s skanky girlfriend. God I hate her. “Why do you always steal my phone Jason?”
“Why did you just hang up on her like that?”
“Because I can. Why do you never charge your phone? I mean you have your own phone you can use instead of always using mine.”
“I’m outta minutes on my phone. Besides if I use your phone I don’t have to pay.”
“You little butt monkey.” I said to his face.
“Liz its time to go.” Mom yelled to me.
“Just a minute.” “This is not over.” I said to Jason while heading downstairs to go to school. “Ok mom I’m ready.” I said to mom who was going to drive me to school today.
“Alright then let’s get going.” Mom said as we were heading outside
“Hey wait up. Me and dad are going to.”
“Jason? Dad? Why are you guys coming? You guys have your own cars.” I said in a very confused voice.
“Well that’s because neither of the cars will start for some reason misses smarty pants.” Jason said in an angry voice. Probably still angry at me for hanging up on his girlfriend.
“Well how was I supposed to know?”
“Liz its fine lets just go.”
“Fine but I call shotgun.”
“That’s not fair.” Jason said in a whiney voice. We all got in the car and Jason naturally started a conversation. “We haven’t done this in a few years since I started driving.
“You’re right.” I said in a kind of sad voice. I actually liked spending time with him. He was pretty cool. He had his own band, was a skateboarder, and was really popular. The kind of person I always looked up to. “Hey mom do you think that I could go back in the woods and take a few pictures for my report at school? It’ll only take about 10 minutes.”
“Well I guess, but it better only take 10 minutes.” Mom said as we pulled up to my school.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the first part. I'm still working on it so the second part will come very soon.

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intro and information on my site
Hi guys. This is my first comment since I've been back. I really wasn't sure what I should put so this is just an intro to the stuff u'll see on my site.
*AMVs that I've made from time to time
*The story that I've been working on for awhile now. I really enjoy the comments so please comment.
*Ocasionaly some poems
*And Fanart. Yay.
Thoose are just a few things. If I want to get something out of my system like anger or something I'll post it. It makes me feel better. Thats about all you really need to know. If theres any questions PM me and Ill get back to you as soon as possible. I will do requests from time to time. Any anime you want me to draw Ill draw. Well Ill c ya l8r.


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