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Hey ppl, its PrinceOfPyro and I like FullMetal Alchemist so much I hav found a picture of Edward Elric

Image hosted by Photobucket.comED IS HUMAN ONCE AGAIN!!!!
0.o oops sorry I had too much sugar this morning

Monday, March 28, 2005

im sure a lot of u kno LPpunrocka, my sister. if not, then let me tell u somethin 'bout her:her life LITERALLY revolves around her writing and artwork. She lives for it, and if people think she is good, she'll keep living.
She wrote a YGO fanfiction, and titled it, "Just go away". Kyle and I red it over, and it is the best damn fanfic I ever read. I swear, I'm not just saying that, either...but some dumb fuck read over the whole thing and left her a lovely review:
""i don't understand why anyone had to *care* about shit when it comes to that stupid fucking mary sue of a character you have. joey has his OWN past to worry about, let alone some stupid bitch's who was on drugs. and SHE INSULTED BAKURA RYOU. how could you be so high to fucking do that? plainly, the story fucking sucked, and as for your character...she's not that special."
Guess what, buddy? I HAVE MY OWN RESPONSE!!!
"Obviously, you're not so special either, stooping so low as to flame the world's next Edgar Allen Poe. How about you put yourself in her shoes:have a sense of always thinking you have no talent like she has, spend 10 months writing up a fanfic, put in nearly a month proofreading it over and over, show it to people, hear them compliment it, and develop a sense of pride for your work for the first time in your life, and have someone anonymous CRUSH it, then tell me how that feels, fucker!!!!!!!"
Yea....Ash isn't as confident and brave as she alays seems. To be honest, she's delicate as hell, and uses her sharper-than-a-knife tongue as a cover-up. She spent almost a year perfecting her pride and joy, and one anonymous fucker destroyed it and her.
I'd ask you guys to go read it and leave nice reviews, but she removed it-and ALL 11 chapters-from the hard drive. a year's worth of work for nothing. That's just low, and it makes me so sick to my stomach.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   guess where I am?
I'm in Taylor mill, kentucky right now, man!
My parents r divorced, and mah dad lives here. I really like Taylor Mill, it's a little suburban place near newport, and across the river (which is in view from the top of a hill not too far off from here), you can see the tall buildings in Cincinati.
I think Cincinati is awesome, it's a big city and all, but some people obviously see it so differently...
My sister does, for one. Ashley (aka LPpunkrocka on here) is in love with it or something. When we were driving right through Cincinati on our way here yesterday, she was effing open-mouthed, eyes wide, EVERYTHING, like it was the most gorgeous thing she ever saw. In her opinion, it probably was. I even waved my effin hand in her face and she just swatted it off while still staring. As for my opinion of cities...well, yeah, i guess they're cool LOOKING, but they pollute, they're too crowded, and they destroy the enviroment...I'm, uh, more of a suburb person, Pine Bush and Taylor Mill are my 2 hmes in this world. Kyle really doesn't care, whether it is rural, crowded, whatever to him.
By the way, that reminds me...Kyle's birthday was yesterday, but we're celebrating it today. Could some of u guyz please visit him and wish him a happy birthday?
His username is Skull God, ok? (3
Bai 4 now!
O, and thanx 4 100 hits, dudes!!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday in our school was beach day and it was so cool (I started sixth grade this year.) When I had gym we had to do sack races there were supposed to be two boys and two girls because the gym teashers only had four hats left. I came so close to the finish but then I fell and lost. I was so mad at my friend for losing, but just for fun.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Thw white crystals land on the ground
They travel safe without a sound
and-duhrrrr...can't think of anymore...I'm not born with the poet gene like Ashley was. Oh well.
We have a snow day today-YES! Life is gewd, man. lol
I hope you all are doing well. Sorry for the absence, I was going through a rough patch at school, but all is well now! :D
Angie's a hag, what can I say...
Well, my sister's been acting so weird lately, and she doesn't like me going on her site when she's offline, but can anybody tell me what's going on with her? She's LPpunkrocka on here, by the way. Arigato. *bows*
Bai 4 now!

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Monday, February 7, 2005

   GTA and Final Fantasy XI!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, so you know.^^ I was just watching an episode of XPlay on it. XPlay is, like, the best friggin video game review show out there...Morgan Webb is possibly the prettiest girl out there (*^___^* *blush*), and Adam Sessler always can make you laugh. Dang, what a good show...
Ok, well, Final Fantasy:Chains of Promathia is an awesome game, and I'm so glad they reviewed it. YEAH!!! Well...The game's an online game, so you'll meet other people playing the game online...Chances are, they'll be Japanese. So, that leaves you with 2 options:LEARN JAPANESE OR DIE.
*playing Final Fantasy XI until Japanese person comes along and kills character*
Well, if you have a group of friends, you CAN gather them all, hunt down the ****** who picked on you like a high school bully, and get revenge.
*finds Japanese person and kills them*
*Japanese player sneaks up from behind and kills character*

Well, I had nothing to say, so why not say stuff from one of the XPlay episodes...blargh...
Bai 4 now!

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