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Queen of Tears is making me tell you about myself
So here I am
-My name is Kacey
-I have middle neck length black hair with green highlights, I'm 5'5", a muscular body, dark green eyes, and a punk style.
-I love to skate board and sing
-I just currently found out that I'm bisexual
-I'm mostly into girls with a lot of punk style and who aren't afriad to be themselves
-I like guys who like to sing, are hilarious, michevious, and laid back
-My fav colors are black, lime green, and neon orange
-My fav shoes are converse and etnies
-If you have any Q's just pm me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

   I'm back!!
Hey guyz!!
So I'm up at my bestie's house in California and my parents are thinking about moving back into Cali from Arizona
Which rox because the house they're looking at is right down the street from her house
This her I speak of is the glorious and beautiful Miss Queen of Tears!
I'm also chillin with my good friend Baconbittz, a.k.a Dr. Awesome Pants
Cause she has some bad ass pants, lmao
drop me a line you guys!
Tell me how the site is doin.

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