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Monday, May 7, 2007



DO NOT STEAL MY STUFF!!! I worked HARD on this it's only polite. and I got most of my help from my friend The Real Yojimbo

~There is no discrimination I will kill everyone. jk I will not be mean if you are gay, white, black, who cares. as long as your not a DUMB ASS.

Theme: Death Note

Theme poem:
You see my face,
You see a lie,
You cant see my feelings,
I am dieing inside,
You are blind and you don't know,
The things my face doesn't show,
Because today I'm here,
But who knows about tomarrow...

~About me! (who really cares about me)

~Gender: female Dammit What else would I be!!??

~Birthday: August 10th 1989

~Favorite colors: Purple and black

~Personality: Dark and evil

~Music I like: Punk, rock, hard ROCK, such as, Seether, Disturbed, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Evanecensse, (ext.)

~Contact me on my yahoo messenger

~or hotmail
come talk to me Im bored.

~Random stuff: You cannot know my location you Fucking Rapists!!
I am an artist If you want go check out my art. I would really appreciate that.


Clubs I have joined


Hey freaks!

blah blah test
test yes
yup test this is a test okay wow

TRY here.

Ok, now that iv fixd the code, here is how you use it. Go into edit styles and choose ya text colour. Post the code in ya post styles and it should work perfectly. Dont give you're posts a title or a smiley, it will mess with things.

And, well thats about it ^>^


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Escape my Hell
Talk to the Dead
Join my Nightmare
Sign my Death Note
Veiw my Art


Whats up People.



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