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hEy everYonE.Wepls nOt muCh to saY buT i'm a normaL everaGe guRl hu isH asian and luv to do fun thinGs.I'm aslO hyper tee-hee.

Angel's Song by: Ayumi Hamasaki

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Monday, June 6, 2005

   HEy lonG timE no sEe
Hey everyOne. So sorrie i haven't upDate for a lonG timE i was carry away with stuFf.Hope everyone have a great summer anD havE fun.Wepls I beEn borEd all this timE nothing muCh hapPen. Jux chiLl arounD.Mai b-day ish on June 24 tee-hee i'm turning the big one five.(15)I wiLl aDd somE pix when i havE time. So be surE to cheCk baK.Wepls hoLla atcha ya latEr.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   hey all
hey my frend,
sorry for the delay in mai updating ti because i jux got new internet dsl *yeah*. Well this upcoming thurday id math taks test for me eghh i hate them.How everyone doing these day.27 more day for me till summer break.Now i'm sick i got a cold.Well sorry the post was sort but gtg bye.

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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Hmm april fool is going away...
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Hmm today for april fool i had a very fun time. I got soo many people april fool and chiithecutey did a good one a this teacher she act like she had a astmha atttack and faint in front of the class it was soo hilrious i was lmao. The teacher jux stare at her like omg but she stil stood there like a rock i tink she was scare lol. Well mai sis Luna Moon went austin now i'm home with no one to talk to soo boring.Oh i aslo got this one gurl good lol. WEll mai chinese movie jux ended *cry* it was soo good it like so me the tru meaing of tru love it made me cry. There all mai role madel in that movie lol.Hope i get to meet them somday when i go to Hong Kong well that it for now bai.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   April fool is almost he@
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Mwhahah can't wait till it comes to play soo many good prank but don overdue it or u'll cause mad trouble for people.I have so many prank that i have in mind to play on people i hope they don get to mad cause i luv to fool the teacher then say"APRIL FOOL" and they end up laughing or hmm dunno what they will do. WEll for our skewl we get to go to six flag but whoever pay first get to go lol. I wish i have had gone to S.F.A for middle skewl that skewl have lots of activity hmm no fair. well gtg peace out.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   Good weekend
well it was a miracle that this weekend wasn't boring on friday i went to go eat with mai best friend and her aunt at Moon Palace then on saturday it was mai lil sis b-day we went to China Border and tommorow on sunday i'm goin to mai best friend church for easter then i think were goin to go to Casa Ole i guess well how did ya weekend go by?
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