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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Guestbook Entries:

Yunishei lepraod (05/12/07)

hey! nice site i added you just so you know.

kittydepp (12/20/05)

I love ur name!!! I love pink and cats!!!

SkyeRainOfSorrow (04/28/05)

hey whats up? nice site! THE KILLERS RAAAAAWK! YEAH! im actually listening to that song right now! heh heh! man... you know what? im in the mood for some ramen... im allways in the mood for ramen.. im ganna delete my site and make it.. ramen2good4u or... RAMENINMYEYE yeah! thats awesome! hold on! im ganna go kook some ramen! -leaves compuer to go get ramen-...-5minutes later- im back! ^^ this bowl of ramen is hot in my lap! -eats ramen- HOT HOT! -splashes in eye- AH AH! RAMEN IN MY EYE! RAMEN IN MY EYE! HELP MEEEE! -drops ramen- OH NOO! NOT MY CREAMY CHICKEN RAMEN! DAMN YOU! -steps on it and falls- ARRRRG! ALL I ASK IS A BOWL OF NICE AND YUMMY RAMEN! THATS AAAAALL! AND WHAT DO I GET? THIS? -sobs- this happends to me all the time.. -sigh- .... -gets my brother to clean up the mess- yes... i amke my bro do everything! MWA HA HA HA! AND NOW YOU WILL BE MY SLAVE ALSO! -gets chans and stuffs- >.< -ends up chaning self up- wha- YUKIIIIIIII HEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAA! -3 days later... is still weeping- why... why.... -rocks back and forth continuously- .... -chains rust and break- IM FREEEEEEEEE! -runs around in cirlces- WHEEEEEEEEEEE! -jumps off a cliff- awe..... -happens to land in a giant bowl of ramen- YAY! MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUUUUE! -eats whole bowl and is fater than you can imagine- wheeee -rolls down a hill into prickly thingys and pops- KYAAAAAAA!!! -ends up back to my computer chair- nya..... T.T well uh.. that was fun.... heh... i uh... better get going.. before this ends up to be 15 pages long! -jumps in toilet- wheeeeeeee! -flushes self contuosly and goes round in cirlces-

well if you need any help on your site just pm me okay? and if you dont pm me anyway so we acn have a convorsation of endless and retarded babbling!


-shuichi shinodo

msyugioh123 (04/27/05)

hey come to my site