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I am Tao Ping ~(*o*~)

I have come to take over your world..

To be your Chinese prince and commander.
I will rule all.
With the music, you will love me and my pink hair!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nya! Sorry I havent posted in a while.. My parents are..

trying to set me up with someone. -o-'

I dont like..

I can find my own person to love, its better than having
your parents try to set you up, Im 17 not 29 so they have
nothing to worry about.

..How is everyone?? I hope good!
And I hope none of your parents ever try to get your dates for you!

I love Ryuichi and Kumagoro! :]



Love your Chinese master!!

*Ping Ping :p

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank you all for so many comments, I hope to get more and more, hehe :p


I just had icecream so late at night. @.@
Now I am going to be hyper..Aieee hyper!

Lol, my brother came to visit today..
He brought his wife and his daughter. Mei is so adorable, she likes me more than her mother does.. :/

Ah well..cant win the heart of everyone, can you?

*Ping Ping

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is late. I just got home from edge night club..I left early because I got tired, hehe. :/ Well..I guess not too early. @.@*
It was fun dancing, met new friends!

I also love DDR.
Now I go take shower

:] You can talk to me if you wish.
I like messages. :p

*Ping Ping

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Ping Ping is so tireeeeddddd u_u;

How is everyone? Well, yes?

Ani-channnn Im waiting for that sign! Haha <3

Im still looking for more frienndddss, yess.

I have nickname of Ping-Pong -.-*

I actually dont mind it. Ha :p

Breakfast was good. :D

Talk to me. :]

*Ping Ping

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I visited sacred land, payed my respect to my ancestors, and gave money and food.
:] I was hungry but the food wasnt for me.

Then we went out to eat. Yay

When we got home, I went for a walk by myself, everyone else was tired. :[

When I got home I was tired..Fell asleep for awhile, hehe. :D

Now is morning, hello sunshine!!


*Ping Ping

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I wish it were Sunday so that I can get a hamburger for 29 cents. :]

Hellllooooo everyone <3

Thank you all for the comments and people who signed my guestbook. ~(<,<~)

I went swimming today..
It was fun, first time in a month. :]

I love swimming, yay!

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