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Hi, rock band started by four friends,
who also happen to be 15
years old. But don’t call them
another teen sensation. This band
is delivering a musical
performance that significantly
surpasses their age.
CBH’s music is guitar oriented,
melodic rock with strong hooks and
a vintage feel; reminiscent of early
Rolling Stones fused with Jet and
Nirvana. Their live show delivers on
all levels and has audiences of all
ages up on their feet.
Hailing from Philadelphia, CBH will
blow you away with their songs,
their stage presence and their gifted musicianship.


Download the single for free and watch the video on myspace.
web links:

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A Wolf Bloodbath
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Hinata Hyuuga

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Snow Woman

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Darkest Envy

Hosted By theOtaku.com. We're seeking our endless dreams in a world with no guidence.
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.Myspace Contact Tables Two is Better Than One
Phil and Jayy started creating , music in 2004. Initially they created individually, the music was cool, even enticing. As brothers they are competitive, this caused some rivalry, as to who made the better music.

Their parents noticed the rivalry and made a suggestion, if the two of them made such great music separately, how would it sound as a team.

This did not go off at first very well, Phil and Jayy took several weeks to get over their differences, and to look at each others strengths and weaknesses from an artistic perspective.

After perfecting their strengths, for instance, maybe Phil's strength is percussions, vocals, and Jayy’s would be horns, background… etc.

The end product… PhiJayy co- create, co-produce, sweet music, music that takes one on a different plane, from ecstatic, to dreams of all dreams, from running to floating on endless cloudless bliss, to cinematic, to hip and soulful http://www.ourstage.com/fanclub/zachhillyardband#

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   No Way!
When you coppy my shit off of here it gets erased!*Do not copy anything off of here!**
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