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EdwardElricThe2nd (05/07/06)

Nihao! Like the site. Coolio colors and what not. Nice. Well anywho, would you liketh to meh friend for eternity until the moon crashes down on Hawaii? n_n I thought so. Do you wanna be meh friend??? Drop by meh site sometime. I'm not one of those stupid ppl that demand to be visited everyday, but just like once a year would be nice. lol n_n.Well I do hope to hear from you sometime! Tootles! CULATER!
Idiots do cool things.

That's why it's cool.
"They say that catching a mere rabbit takes every bit of a lion's strength..."- Edward Elric

"There will be an extremely bright red sunrise in the next two or three days. That will signal the end of this planet. There will be a major earthqueake after that, so be careful. When the earthquake is over, there will be a brief pause, and then the end will come. I'm sorry, but it will be an excrutiatingly painful end."-Chise

"When the end of the world comes, promise that we'll be together?"-Chise

Fullmetal heero King knowz bestiestz. d watz rite & don't do da drug! . thanxie! n_n 

- our friend dwdl̢Thnd ♣♠♣♠

we mourn the day ed travels to visit dracula...T^T

AnimeFeverGRL (04/20/06)

Hello! I like ur site. Come visit sometime, k?
Cyu later

-Kari Uchiha

Akai Yuuhi (04/13/06)

hi there!! wow i must say your site is amazing!! ^^ you got some serious skills there lol

well you seemed like a really cool person so i wanted to add you as a friend. itd be cool to get to know you and maybe you could show me a little something about html sometime ^^

....if you want to

take care!! ^^

the end.

PheebstheLigress (04/07/06)

Hey! I liked your wallpapers so I came to visit your site and it's just as good. If you want you can come around my site but you don't have to if you don't want to.
p.s. I like Fruits Basket too. ^_^

Ichigo82 (04/05/06)

I love the song you have. I like your avatar.

VARKS (04/05/06)

I saw your Elfen Lied wallpaper and it was really good. I love that show. It is one of the best animes ever. You have a very cool site. I like it a lot. If ya don't mind, I'd like to add you to my friends list. Later

Shinomara (04/02/06)


Nice layout!! I luv it! ^_^ Simply Adore ur Wallys as well. Your avi is kawaii! I'm adding u as a friend.


loveLIESbleeding (04/02/06)

Nice site. Pink & grey go well.

Loving your avatar.

Kaiz Dark Angel05 (03/28/06)

yo wud up dawg!! MADISON COUNTY REPRESENT!! yay!! an HP and SUE fan!! if you don't know what those are, i think you would know HP, and SUE is Series of Unforntunate Events. man that series is my life. lol yay!! finally someone who was born in Sept of 91!! your like...*counts on fingers*...9 days younger than me. awesome. yep. and OMG!! my real name is kayt. that is really weird. lol!! wow i'll add you as a friend and i hope you come to my site sometime and sign the guestbook!!!

WeSt SiDe!!!

Greenday2747 (03/27/06)

hey awesome site.the colors that you used look great.hey i seen some of your trigun wallpapers.they look awesome.well i hope to see ya around soon.take care.


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