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Sunday, June 10, 2007

hey you guys. sorry for my long abscence again, i was on a cross country vacation to california with very limited internet access. x.x

anyway, i'm stuck here in bed, sick with bronchitis. any of yall ever have that? it sucks >.< the worst i've ever had though is strep throat, so this isn't too bad.

also! i met some more otaku while in the west <3 met one dude who was an FMA fan, and we rambled for hours while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain. *nods* it's amazing who you meet at disneyland x.x

also, my daddy got married, and came down with pnuemonia in the same week. it seems like everyone's getting sick ;o; don't it? anyway, just gonna chill out here for a while then, contemplate how i'll go about doing that haruhi dance thingie, and catch up on some more of my manga. *nods* that reminds me, i need to call barnes and noble and check with them about my number 20. I have 21 and 22 and i can't read them till i get number 20 >.< i'm superficial like that, sue me :P

also! if anyone has read or will read volume 13 of FMA, it is REALLY good <3 read it. and i saw Pirates of the Carribean 3! my parents thought it sucked, but i loved it. n_n tiz awesome.

welp, time for me to go get more medicine >.o i'll talk to you guys later. *huggles* to all <3

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