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Drawing Anime is really fun!!! Too bad i won't be able to put my drawings on theotaku since i do not have a scanner yet. -_- My dad's just TOOOO busy to get one for me. O well, he promised me that he'll get it for me soon. 'Till then I'll just comment on other people's drawings. But i'll put mine on as soon as i get my scanner. 4 sure!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

   HI ALL!!!!
Hey everybody!!!
I haven't been on 4 a while now!!! I'm so srry tht i didn't post on u ppls site 4 a while :(. 4give me. I missed u ppl LOADS! Especially, SerenityRain, AngleBest Dream n Alphonse13 ^-^. i signed sum sites, those which updated recently.
Not much happened, tho its gud 2 FINALLY be back n 2 finally post again ^^. Sadly though, i won't be able 2 go on alot. Not until Winter break, *sigh* or until the mid-terms r over. I'll be on n all, but i wont be able 2 stay on 4 a while. My mid-terms r starting n my maths results aren't so gud. I gotta catch up on tht.
O gosh, i 4got 2 ask, so how is everybody??? Hope u all had a gud weekend n all. ^-^.
Well i really have 2 go now. C ya all later! Byez. N once again, sorry. ^^".


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey all. How is every 1 doing? Gud i hope?
Well the title describes how i feel @ the moment. I've got nothing to do!!! I don't really feel like drawing @ the moment. *sigh*. n i've read a book tht i borrowed from the library, "Troubled Waters" by "ROSEMARY HAYES". It was REALLY nice!! I luved it. It was abt this chain of events tht occured in 1 family twice. It was pretty cool. Well, my friend Anna made new pictures recently. She's been making A LOT of them!!! UNCOUNTABLE!!! but she's still can't put thm up on theO or n/e site, in fact. She's practically BEGGING me 2 put it on theO!!!! But i keep telling her tht i don't have a digital cam. or a scanner so yeah.
The week-ends abt 2 end n i just broke the headphones 2 my CD player. Great.
Lets c...wht else...o yeah, i joined the broadcasting unit in our skool. It's dis group which helps out in assemblies n stuff. I did bcuz my friend signed me up n plus, atleast it'd look gud on my report card.
Well lately, my moms been yelling @ me a lot. Mostly 2 do my chores n 2 help her out around the house n all. n its bugging me. I mean, i luv my mom n all,m but sumtimez she goes ALL out n wants me 2 becum dis type of girl tht i'm not. The type of girl which she was n wants me 2 becum. But i suck @ tht n plus i wanna stay wht i m. I complained dis 2 my dad n since my brother was there he told me its "human nature". n tht every mother wants there kid 2 be sumthing tht they like. No gud tht brought me. So i guess i'll just have 2 live with it.
Btw, did n/e1 hear abt this new anime tht's out?? It's on JET X here. it called, "STAR RACERS". The anime is drawn TERRIBLE (The characters n all i mean) but the theme is pretty gud. Yesterday me n my bro watched HOME ALONE 2. I think it was 2 n/e way. It's the 1 where Kevin goes 2 New York n he has his dad's credit cards n all. 4 all of u who have seen tht movie, wht'd u think of it???
Wht else???
O yeah. Sarim mailed me a few days ago. I was REALLY happy 2 receice it. I sent him a mail back but i still didn't get a reply 2 it. I think he didn't get it so i was thinking of sending another mail but thn if he did get it thn he'd be sorta pissed tht i keep sending him mails, i think. N besides i don't wanna tell him how i feel abt him.
Well, aside all tht today, nothing new or fun happend. I'm @ my Grandmother's place. I wanna go home, but thn again, seeing her soo happy, my grandma i mean, it just...i dunno. I can't just leave her here alone. I mean, my grandpa just died n all n she's slowly recovering from the damage done 2 her heart, n wht with my mom n dad n us being here, if it makes her happy, thn i can't just take it away from her.

Ok, well my mom is wanting me 2 shut off the comp. now so i think i'll drop my post here.

To every1, take care. N byez.


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Friday, October 6, 2006

Hey every1. How is everybody doing? Gud i hope.
Well i'm not doing so gud. Me n my mom had a little talk last night. It lasted until 2:00. Basically it was confessions on my behalf. N i started crying. Really, i hate crying. But @ tht time i just let myself cry n after the talk i apologized 2 my mom for being such a stupid daughter n she said it was ok n she didn't want me 2 cry n tht we learn from our mistakes. Tht was wht she had said.
So i told my mom sorry a billion times n i just wished tht i cud rewind time n stop myself from saying all tht stuff i had said last year to my cousins. But thts impossible.
So dis morning wen i went 2 skool, i didn't feel so gud. 4 1 thing, i was sleepy n my eyes were numb from lack of sleep n bcuz of me crying last night. My friends were after me 2 tell me wht happened 2 me n y i wudn't smile n all n i'd just tell thm "nothing." So eventually, they got off my back.

N/e way, aside tht, there's this girl in my class who is always criticizing me. She says, "U no, u shud put on a scarf bcuz ur ugly. I mean, u no, u don't look tht beautiful." Exact words. n i looked @ her like she was nuts, bcuz really, tht isn't the proper form of way 2 talk. N she expects me 2 become her friend!!!!! I'm serious!!!!!!! *shakes head*. Today, it turns out tht she had said sumthing like tht 2 another friend of mine. I mean, tht girl, who criticizes, she does it in a weird manner. I swear. I mean u no how u criticize ppl in a snobby way. She doesn't. She does it in a "nice" way. She doesnt have a snobby way of talking, she says it kinda sympathetically. Like she feels sorry 4 us. But u no, me n my friend, we didn't tell her tht she shud look @ herself first before criticizing others; bcuz THT wud be plain mean n wud hurt. 2 bad she doesn't realise tht her words hurt. N i'm afraid tht her next target is gonna be another of my firneds. I warned my firned of tht but she doesn't understand. I'm just kinda freaked, bcuz if tht girl says sumthing 2 my friend, (my friend being emotional) will start 2 cry, i no it. N i dont want it. I think the best way 2 explain it 2 her is 2 tell her tht her words hurt n tht she shouldn't send out unnecessary comments 2 ppl.
I'm still trying 2 figure the solution though.

Questions (i dont usually write thm but just answer thm plzz):

1- Did u ever do sumthing tht u REALLY regret n wud like 2 reverse time 2 stop ur self from doing tht? ( n i mean a serious thing).

2- Wht wud u say 2 sum1 who always criticizes u in a "sympathetic/nice" tone but u don't want 2 hurt THERE feelings @ the same time?

Well oki ppl i g2g sign ur sites now. Byez.


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