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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Time of post: 2:40 AM
Hey everyone. Sorry this is a bit late but I've been lazy since midnight ^_^ Anyway, today was actually pretty good.

I went to Jesse's house for a little while where we were going to play pool but the table was covered with stuff so we couldn't. We ended up just leaving and going to my house.

At my house, we played Halo for a while which was fun because I haven't really played it recently. Then, we played Guild Wars for a while. We did manage to finish a couple of quests.

Finally, we went to go see Red Eye. We actually really liked it. It wasn't a horror movie at all but was really just a suspense movie. It was fun to watch though.

Oh, and go congratulate Molly on her engagement. And Molly, if you're reading this, congratulations!

Finally, Evil is trying to deny that she called Kool-Aid a cereal. Go and correct her ~_^

And that's about it. Have a great day!

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